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The Ragnarok (飛空艇ラグナロク [hikuutei ragnarok] or 'flying ship Ragnarok' in Japanese) is a space shuttle from Esthar. Its appearance was based on an ancient Centra legend about a Dragon Ship (竜機 [ryuuki] in Japanese), and Esthar's finest scientific technology was used to build it. Thus it was naturally Esthar's flagship until Laguna Loire used it to send Adel's Tomb into orbit during the Second Sorceress War, and it was lost in space. The ship was taken over by a hostile alien lifeform that killed the crew that was operating it at the time.


Years after it was lost, Squall Leonhart and Rinoa Heartilly drifted upon it and cleaned out the monsters that had taken root in the ship. During the game, it is used as a high-speed vehicle to move around the world. It can be landed on ground and in Esthar and FH.

The Ragnarok can reach the speed of 11.8 km/s. The ship is 108 m long with a width of 77 m. When resting its height is 54, and 65 in flight. It has two long-distance 152 mm multi-barrel lasers and a 609 mm charged particle beam as its main weapon. It requires a crew of seven to operate fully (captain, pilot, copilot (when not on radio-control), and four gunmen) and can carry 10 further passengers.



You reach the Ragnarok during the story after a sequence of free floating in space, and arrive through the air lock (lower left on the map). Your first goal here is to get rid of the propagators that populate the ship. The problem here is that each propagator comes in pairs of the same color, and should you happen to get into a battle with a propagator of a different color, the living twin will have time to go revive the dead one while you fight. Thus, you must take out each propagator in pairs, avoiding the ones of other colors until you've won both of the twins. You can find the locations of the propagators of each color on the map. In the game, the hints for defeating the propagators come from examining the panel in the cabin.

Once done with the propagators, enter the cockpit through the lift and continue with the story. You can access every part of the ship even after the propagator event is over, although this ability is not of much use other than for cutscenes.



Propagator (red) x2
Propagator (purple) x2
Propagator (green) x2
Propagator (yellow) x2

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