Project G

Project G, or Jenova Project Gillian/Genesis (both are correct according to in-game info, however originally it referred to Gillian) as it was known before the need of more secrecy stepped into the picture, was an experiment to create an Ancient by injecting babies with Jenova cells in Final Fantasy VII. It was conducted by Doctor Hollander.
The project was considered a failure and shortly after Project S proved a success by creating Sephiroth. The only surviving original experiments of Project G were Genesis Rhapsodos and Angeal Hewley. Later on, the existence of the project became a well-guarded secret, and even its name was kept in secret.


Project G was started roughly the same time as Project S, both with their aim as creating an Ancient. In Project G, Jenova cells were injected into Gillian Hewley, who in turn gave birth to Angeal in the project. Genesis, while in the same project, had a different means of receiving Jenova cells. An unrelated egg was fertilized, and in later stages of development was implanted with Gillian's genes.
It is known that other experiments were made in the project. However, all other experiments ended in death of the subject, and no more information is given about them.

Shortly after Genesis and Angeal were born, Project G was frozen, having failed to produce an Ancient. With the success of Project S, Doctor Hollander was stuck with its reputation, and Gillian Hewley escaped from Shinra and met her husband, with who she raised Angeal as a normal boy. However, her escape was a failure and she and her husband were put under guard in the Shinra-controlled village of Banora, where Genesis was given to adoptive parents to raise. This was a convenient location to monitor the lives of the two failed experiments.

Genesis and Angeal both later in their lives signed up at Shinra, while still being unaware of their own origins. Both made SOLDIER 1st class.


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