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Primals (蛮神 [banshin] or 'wild-god' in Japanese) are powerful beings summoned by the beastmen in Final Fantasy XIV. Since 10 years ago some of the beastman tribes have dedicated their lives to the aid of the primals, and have since become increasingly hostile to the peoples of Eorzea.

Each beastman tribe worships a single primal. Not all correspondences are known, and it might be possible that some friendlier beastman tribes do not worship a single primal. Even in this case though, they might have one 'meant' for them.

Beastman tribe Primal
Amalj'aa Ifrit
Ixal Garuda
Kobold Titan
Sahagin Leviathan
Sylph ?
Goblin ?
Moogle Moggle Mog XII

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