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The Poroggo (ポロッゴ族 [poroggo zoku] or 'poroggo tribe' in Japanese) are a race of beastmen that were originally transmuted from common frogs. The lore diverges from there, but this basic assumption holds.

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Poroggo are magicked familiars of the Sharlayan colony in Eorzea, although it remains very possible that Poroggo are also in use in the Old Sharlayan where the settlers came from. Poroggos are created when a mage of Sharlayan needs some help for (mostly) mundane tasks, and many do housekeeping tasks for their masters.

If ever the transfiguration magicks making a Poroggo a Poroggo instead of a common frog were to weaken or to be removed, they would return back to being frogs. There is no indication of the magicks being hereditary.

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