Pirate Crews (FF14)

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This page concerns the various different pirate crews in evidence within the vast world of Hydaelyn. Most of these crews operate within and out of Limsa Lominsa.

Bloody Executioners

Captain: Hyllfyr
Ship: Astalicia

Hyllfyr is one of the oldest and most respected pirates around Limsa Lominsa. In his younger days he truly ruled the seas. In the present day, he is merely the captain of a landed ship, the Astalicia. That this ship just happens to be a guild for marauders and a known gathering place for all pirate crews around Limsa might have something to do with it.
Astalicia is known to have a bloody and violent past, but no person speaking about it goes into more detail.

Among the crew of the Executioners are Moenskaet, Niublaet, Blaubenn (any of these three could be the first mate), Waekbyrt, Dhemsunn, W'hahtoa, G'nanghal and Ighii Moui. As can be seen from that list, the great majority of the crew is Roegadyn, with Miqo'te following not too far behind. In addition to the regular crew-members the Bloody Executioners enlist qiqirns. The Executioners are also known enough among the Knights of the Barracuda that they (in a combined effort with Maelstrom) have a hidden operative, Hasthwab, on board.

Kraken's Arms

Captain: Carvallain de Gorgagne
Ship: Misery

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Sanguine Sirens

Captain: Rhoswen
Ship: Lady Infernal

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League of Lost Bastards

Captain: (unknown)
Ship: (unknown)

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Captain: (unknown)
Ship: Rusty Claw

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Captain: (unknown)
Ship: Stormcry

The name of this pirate group is actually unknown. What is known is that they are active in pirating - they're known to attack trade ships and steal the likes of fabrics and such - and that they put in at Cassiopeia Hollow. Some of their crew members can be found lounging around there.

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