Perpetual Engine Theory

The Perpetual Engine Theory is a book that can be found in the Great Library of Saronia. It was apparently written by the Ancients1. You can read the book by accessing the Great Library of Saronia. It is on a shelf at the back row of the bookshelves.

In the real world, a perpetual engine is a one that works indefinitely with no tweaks, and while doing so consumes less energy than it produces. As for antimatter, it is somewhat of a more complicated concept. Antimatter is the opposite of regular matter, with a mixture of antimatter and matter creating an explosion. Almost all of the visible universe is formed out of matter (as opposed to antimatter), and there is no known way to harness antimatter, nor any explanation for why the universe is formed out of regular matter instead of a mixture of both. The greatest concentration of antimatter known in our universe is in the galactic center.
It bears noting that antimatter cannot be contained in a container formed out of regular matter, as the result would be an explosion. All uses of antimatter are theoretical so far, although it could be used to treat illnesses such as cancer or as a highly efficient fuel. If the Ancients were able to harness the power of antimatter for their Wheel of Time, they might have been able to use it for other things as well.

Perpetual Engine Theory
The governing principle behind the Wheel of Time is based on the temporal balance of antimatter…

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