Path of the Twelve

The Path of the Twelve is an organization of people who have come upon the power of the Echo (although it bears noting that not everyone on the Path actually has the Echo). They are largely misfits of society, commonly for no fault of their own but simply because they know too much due to their powers. Many of them consider their lives to be a path that must be followed to its end, whatever that may be.
Commonly the people of the Path negotiate deals between the beastmen and the other races and concern themselves with other aspects of the wellbeing of the city-states of Eorzea. It's unknown as to why exactly they do what they do.

The leader of the Path of the Twelve is called the Antecedent, and the current one is Minfilia. The headquarters, known as the Waking Sands, are located in Ul'dah with branches around Eorzea.

In truth, not much is known about the Path of the Twelve and its operations. More will likely be revealed during the main story (or stories) of A Realm Reborn.


This section lists people associated with the Path.

Major people
Antecedent Minfilia
Keeper of Annals Tataru
The player themselves
Path Companion (player-named)
Hermit of the Wood

Sahja Zhwan
Una Tayuun

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