NORA House Chronicles

NORA House Chronicles is a collection of notes on the thoguhts of the NORA member Lebreau in Final Fantasy XIII-2. To read all of them, you need to get the fragment items Vita Lyrica, Anima Miseria, Unio Mystica and Ars Symphonica.

The Chronicles

Serah has left on a journey, too, so things are going to get busy around here. She was the only one who knew how to cook all the NORA House dishes; with her gone, it's just me holding down the fort. Serah used to get good grades back in school. History was her favorite subject. She was teaching the kids the odd class here and there, but Snow and her were talking about building a proper school right here in New Bodhum. When they get back, we're all going to pitch in and make it happen.

The last time Serah saw Lightning was right before she was turned into crystal. She told Lightning about her plans to marry Snow, but when Lightning refused to bless their marriage, she took off running. That's no way to say good-bye. Those two still have unfinished business. Here in New Bodhum, Serah spent a lot of time looking up at the night sky, talking to Lightning. She's never been able to let go.

Back in Bodhum, on Cocoon, there was this weird relic called a Vestige which had been lifted off Pulse back when Cocoon and Pulse were fighting. Turns out that it was an old Pulse temple, and there was a fal'Cie inside that turned Serah into a l'Cie. It seems crazy to think now that no one thought to check inside before they set it up next to our hometown. When Serah got turned into a l'Cie inside the Vestige, the Cocoon fal'Cie used the incident for their own purposes. Serah's not a l'Cie anymore, and the brand is gone from her arm, but she's still able to use magic. I wonder if the power just stayed inside her after she was cured. Or is it new, from somewhere else?

Everyone in NORA came from Bodhum originally, but there's not a soul living there anymore. When Cocoon fell and almost smashed into Pulse, the whole town was wiped out. Funny thing is, no one was in the town thanks to the Purge that the Sanctum and PSICOM carried out. Does that mean the Purge was a good thing? Well, I wouldn't say that. Bodhum used to be famous for its fireworks festival, and our cafe would be busy as anything the night of the show. I hope someday we can bring those good times back here in New Bodhum.

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