Nissin is a cup noodle company in Final Fantasy XV. A cup noodle truck of theirs can be found parked in Lestallum, and there is a billboard advertising the noodles by Hammerhead.

There is a food recipe called Cup Noodles that requires an ingredient of the same that that can only be bought at the previously mentioned truck. Gladiolus Amicitia is a big fan of them, and eventually can initiate the quest The Perfect Cup that sets you on search for the perfect toppings for your noodles. There is also a DLC for a Cup Noodle Helmet for Noctis. In addition, you can see Gladiolus and Cor Leonis eat cup noodles every time they make camp in Episode Gladiolus.

In the real world, Nissin Food is a Japanese instant noodle company.

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