Mythril Eye

The Mythril Eye is a newspaper in Ul'dah in Final Fantasy XIV. What follows is their self-introduction.


The premier paper in the commercial hub of Ul'dah, The Mythril Eye employs expert teams of financial correspondents and economists who gather and analyze information on the latest market trends. Ever-laden with trade forecasts, it commands a dedicated readership among Ul'dahns and any else with aspirations for profit. Of especial interest to the paper are incidents of potential impact upon the Eorzean economy.


Of the staff of the Mythril Eye, only the name of Senior Editor Havak Alvak is known. There is also the economist Tzetzelun, who is possibly in the sole employ of the Mythril Eye, as well as the reporter Dural Tharal. Anything else about the publication is unknown.


What follows is a list of their published articles. The date refers to the real-world publication date.

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