Mysidia Crisis

Mysidia Crisis (ミシディアクライシス [mysidia crisis] in Japanese) is an event in Final Fantasy Legends: Crystal of Time. It divides the eras of the world into BC (Before Crisis) and AC (After Crisis).


The stage was set for the Mysidia Crisis when Pope Doga, ruler of Mysidia, authorized research of Time Magic by the talented twins Chronos and Caerus. The two succeeded in establishing this third branch of magic, and created the Crystal of Time to serve as the fount of all Time Magic.

Everything went well for a while, and the twins continued their research. However, something inevitably went wrong. Continued research caused the Crystal of Time to explode, causing a huge shockwave that destroyed Mysidia just about in its entirety. The details of this event are unknown at this time.

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