My Life as a King Timeline

This timeline focuses on the My Life as a King game. To see the timeline of the entire world, see here.

Before the Game

Early to mid Miasma-age
The Dark Lord forms his kingdom of monsters

Shortly before Miasma's clearing
Chime's parents die and King Epitav and his wife take her in
Leo is born
Leo's mother falls ill and dies
King Epitav closets himself in his study to study the concept of the promised land
(a bit later) During a Crystal Caravan journey, Epitav leaves the Caravan to search for the promised land
The old kingdom's citizens flee and the kingdom's Crystal fails. Miasma takes over
Hugh Yurg makes it back to the kingdom with the Myrrh, but is too late to save it

Clearing of Miasma
The Dark Lord is affected by the miasma's disappearance and bursts apart, his body becomes elementite
The Dark Lord's kingdom falls

Time unknown
Epitav meets with Stiltzkin, who tells him of a poem composed by Carbuncle
Epitav meets up with some moogles who later tell Leo where he was headed

Slightly after the clearing of Miasma
Epitav on his journey saves Pavlov from drowning
Epitav finds the frontier Crystal and is awarded with architek
With architek, Epitav starts rebuilding his kingdom
The Dark Lord defeats Epitav and imprisons him in the Shrine of Awakening

Time unknown
Leo, Chime and Hugh Yurg hear of Epitav's destination from the moogles

Events of the Game

Chapter I
Leo, Chime and Hugh Yurg find the frontier Crystal
Leo is awarded with architek, and starts the building of Padarak
Goblin encampment found to be preparing to strike the budding kingdom
Goblin encampment defeated

Chapter II
Rulers of Padarak start seriously wondering why the area is infested with monsters even though the miasma is gone
Stories spread from the people who lived in Epitav's rebuilt start of a kingdom, that the Dark Lord will stop them again
Dark Lord shows himself in front of Leo, Chime and various townsfolk

Chapter III
Adventurers of Padarak start preparing for serious battles
Stiltzkin arrives to Padarak, bringing much useful info
The Dark Lord shows himself again, telling of the birth of his kingdom and the fate of Epitav

Chapter IV
Leo starts understanding some of his father's reasoning for doing what he did
Padarak's adventurers find the Shrine of Awakening where Epitav is held
The Dark Lord is defeated and Epitav rescued
Leo is officially crowned the King of Padarak

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