The Moomba (ムーンバ [moomba] in Japanese) are a type of Shumi in Final Fantasy VIII. The Shumi have various ways to evolve as their life experiences grow, and Moombas are said to be the most noble type of evolved form, only reserved for the worthy.
Upon tasting a person's blood, a Moomba will never forget it. While they seem largely incapable of human speech, they can learn to speak several words, such as the names of people, but only if they are motivated enough.

While the species itself has only appeared in FF8, in FF10 they are present in the shape of dolls used in battle by Lulu, one of the game's main characters.

Trading Card Game

Moombas have appeared once in the FF-TCG series under the element of Ice.

2-029U Moomba

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