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The moogles (モーグリ [moogli] in Japanese) are a race of furry creatures with bat wings, and a pom-pom between their ears. Their coloring varies between games. They call out 'kupo', sometimes just tacking it at the end of a sentence, and sometimes replacing a word or word ending with it. In some games, they have a vast network for delivering letters, called the Mognet.

Moogles are generally peace-loving and gentle, although there are exceptions. They're often associated with magic and dancing, and have an affinity for helping out the other races in their own world. The way moogles speak is often not just sprinkled with 'kupo', but often rather cute or childish too.

The name 'moogle' was originally a mash-up of two words, 'mole' (モール [mole]) and 'bat' (コウモリ [koumori]). Consequently, the way these creatures look can be said to be a combination of the two as well.

Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III features the first appearance of the moogles. They created the classic look of the moogles - light pink or peach fur, purple bat-wings, and a red pompom on their head. Their role as magical helpers was also established in this game, for you could find them in Doga's manor as his little helpers and disciples.

In the DS remake of the game their role was expanded upon with the Mognet. They could now be found in cities ready to deliver letters all over the world, to your friends through wi-fi or DS Connect as well as to characters you met in the game.

Final Fantasy V

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Final Fantasy VI

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Gaia (FF7)

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Final Fantasy VIII

There are no sightings of live moogles in Final Fantasy VIII.

However, there is a Triple Triad card bearing a traditional moogle's likeness, with white fur and purple wings. It isn't known whether it is considered a fantasy creature or something that really exists.

Final Fantasy IX

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There are many tribes of moogles in Vana'diel, although only two of them are known. The first tribe, found commonly in cities, are cream-colored, the color uniform throughout their bodies except for hands and legs where it darkens to a dark peach and chocolatey brown. Their wings are purple, pompoms yellow, and noses pink.
The second tribe, the nomads, are darker in color, and instead of fading through peach to brown, the color on their hands and legs appears more as if they'd dipped them in chocolate. Their pompoms are red and noses dark red, and the color of their wings fades from brown to orange. They also have wild tufts of white fur on their chests and heads.

Moogles in Vana'diel are born from eggs, and it appears one egg can hatch into many moogle babies. No exact height for the race has been given, however they appear to be significantly less than a meter tall. To make up for this they can fly - in fact, the game itself doesn't have a single moogle walking, they all hover mid-air. As such, it could be deduced that the Vana'diel moogles rarely walk.

Both known tribes appear highly skilled in magic, warping and teleporting around the world with ease unmatched among other races. This seems to hint at there being a special kind of innate moogle magic that other races cannot learn. However it is, they often use their magic to help adventurers, going so far as to giving enchantments (known as Moghancements) to their masters based on the furniture they have in their homes.

The tribes are descendants of the moogles of Kupalika, an ancient moogle kingdom. Its last ruler was King Kupofried, whose disappearance prompted the disappearance of the kingdom. The tribe lines apparently didn't exist at that time.

The city moogles assist adventurers through the Mog House Management Union, or MHMU. They take care of the possessions and homes of adventurers, and arrange events throughout the year. Their events are famous for going disastrously wrong, though. Some examples of city moogles are Kupelion, Kupold and Kupulele, the trio of moogles who present the event details to adventurers. They cannot be found in the game, however.

The nomad moogles wander throughout the lands and sometimes offer some restricted services to adventurers in convenient locations. Generally they haven't been seen in the major cities, however the recent events in Vana'diel have drawn them in to provide a wider range of services. They are the explorers who went after King Kupofried's legacy after the destruction of Kupalika instead of settling down to a specific area, and are apparently the smallest of the moogle tribes.



The moogles in Ivalice games are differentiated from the other worlds mostly by their ears, and to some extent their coloring. Their ears instead of being very small, instead resemble those of a rabbit. Their coloring will vary with different shades of cream, brown and black. Most often the ears and the sides of their head are darker than their faces, although single-colored moogles do appear to exist. The color of their pompom varies widely between different shades of red, yellow and blue, although bright red seems to be the most common. They are generally 80-120 cm tall.

The moogles in current-day (FF12-FFTA2) Ivalice are skilled mechanics. They are said to be responsible for inventing the airship, and are certainly involved in the maintenance and building of airships in the present day.
In days past the moogles had strong magic skill, enough to have created the Purvama. However, they have lost that skill and instead rely on their mechanics now.

Final Fantasy Tactics

In Final Fantasy Tactics there are no actual moogle characters. However, during the game you can find out that the world used to have these creatures, but they died out or disappeared long ago.

Final Fantasy XII

In Final Fantasy XII moogles appear as normal citizens, if a bit shorter than the other races. The appearance fequency varies widely between cities, with technically advanced cities having more of a moogle population than the less advanced ones.

Montblanc is an example of a non-traditional moogle. He is actually the head of his own Clan, and as such in position of power. Other moogles who appear prominently in the game are his brothers and sisters Hurdy, Gurdy, Horne, Sorbet and Nono.

Revenant Wings

Revenant Wings with its restricted locales doesn't have too many moogles, but as a direct sequel to Final Fantasy XII the non-displayed world should be the same.

The only moogled prominently featured in the game is Nono, the airship mechanic, one of the six moogle brothers familiar from other Ivalice games.

Grimoire of the Rift

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Tactics Advance


In Tactics Advance moogles appear to be just one of the races. Considering that the Ivalice in FFTA is a dream-Ivalice, the statistics of moogle appearance are quite likely not the same as in the rest of the Ivalice games. There are several cities with moogles as a majority, however they can also be seen in other cities during cutscenes.

It should be noted that in Tactics Advance the moogles all appear to be single-colored, with white fur with red pom-poms as the norm. However, this could be attributed to the impracticality of having many different sprites for the same job, and to avoid the problem of the same character looking very different after changing jobs.

Among the Ivalice games, FFTA was the first one to include two of the six moogle brothers - Montblanc and Nono. While Nono didn't appear much at all, Montblanc was one of the game's protagonists.

FFTA has a job system where each race has pre-determined jobs available to them. Initial jobs for moogles are Animist, Black Mage and Thief, and advanced jobs are Gadgeteer, Gunner, Juggler, Mog Knight and Time Mage. Stat growths for these jobs on moogles are listed below.

Animist 7.5 2.5 7.5 8.5 7 9 1.5
Black Mage 5.5 4.5 6. 7.5 8.5 10 1.5
Gadgeteer 7.5 2.5 8 9.5 8 10.5 1
Gunner 6.5 1 7 9 5 8 1
Juggler 6.5 1 8 9.5 6 6 1
Mog Knight 7 3 9 9.5 7 8 1
Thief 6 2 7.5 8 6.5 7 2
Time Mage 6 3.5 6 8.5 9 9 1

From this we can deduce that the moogles in FFTA are generally not very fast, and despite having mage jobs available do not make all that good mages.

Gran Pulse

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Moogles have two-part names that both start with the same letter. This letter is K for male moogles and P for female moogles. The last name of male moogles seems to often be one syllable, while all first names are two syllabes for both genders. No name exceeds two syllables.
Examples of male names are Kupdi Koop and Kupli Kipp, for females Pukla Puki and Puksi Piko.

Some moogles have names that deviate from the pattern - such as Moggle Mog XII.

Crystal Chronicles


In Crystal Chronicles the moogles have a slightly different appearance from the norm. In these games, while the coloring remains light peach for fur, purple for wings and red for pompom, their hands have disappeared entirely and feet shrunk tiny, leaving moogles to appear to be mere puffballs. Their generally friendly nature remains the same as most other games though, and moogles can be found commonly as vendors around the world, or making mischief.

The moogles in Crystal Chronicles do appear capable of flight, although can more commonly be found walking around on their short feet. They appear to be around half a meter tall or maybe less. They also have a the special trait of being the only beings aside from monsters capable of walking around in Miasma and not dying of its poison.

The Crystal Chronicles games generally have the same moogles who appear over and over again, no matter which time period they are set in. Thus, it appears that moogles can live extremely long, for hundreds of years. Moogle litters are also big, although it isn't known how big exactly.

Their is also a minigame associated with the moogles in the Crystal Chronicles games. The moogles live in hidden small dens around the world. Finding and visiting these moogles you can ask them to place a stamp on your stamp card. Once you have enough of these stamps, you can access the minigame Blazing Caravans.

The first moogle who appeared in the Crystal Chronicles games was Mog, who typically of the moogle race was a helper to the main character in single-player mode. Two other moogles who appeared prominently right from the start are Stiltzkin and Artemicion. In addition to these three, the later games have also featured the Moogle Brothers.


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