Mognet is the moogle postal service. It has appeared in several games to date.

Final Fantasy III

Did not appear in the original version of Final Fantasy III, but was added to the DS version. It is used to send letters to several important in-game characters and to your friends via the wi-fi. You can find moogles in every town in the game and several other important places.

To unlock several features of the game, it is necessary to send mail to your friends via the Mognet.

Final Fantasy IX

In Final Fantasy IX, the Mognet is disfunctioning, and the moogles ask you to help them deliver letters. Should you carry enough letters, you can find out what is wrong with it.

It turns out that the mail-moogle Artemicion used up the grease required to make the mail-sorting machine work to make his fur shinier – he turned purple in the process. You can acquire more grease in a side-quest, and fix the machine. To do this, it is required to enter the Mognet Central on the Forgotten Continent. You can only access it with a chocobo.

Final Fantasy XI

While there is no Mognet as such in Final Fantasy XI, what does exist is the Mog House Management Union. This union of moogles also has a delivery system, capable of delivering items from auction houses and authorized personnel to adventurers, be said adventurers accessing the delivery system from their own mog house, a rental room, or a nomad moogle from far-afield places.

While not readily apparent, another clue to a 'Mognet' in FF11 exists. While the Vana'diel Tribune was in publication, it was accessible only from within a mog house, where presumably the moogle delivered it to the adventurers.


The mognet function in Dissidia and Duodecim is rather one-sided. Every day you receive one or two letters from specific moogles. The letters will either tell you something, introduce an aspect of the game, ask a general question, or ask a quiz question. If you are presented with a question of any kind you will be provided three options from which you must send one as an answer to the letter.
In Duodecim the selection of possible letters was greatly expanded, and in addition to the standard Mognet, the Japanese version also has the Mog Web, where quest- and friend card-sharing is possible. To access the Mog Web internet access is required.

In Dissidia, the moogles Mogstache, Benjamin, Linaly and several office worker moogles send you letters. The list of Duodecim moogle correspondents is forthcoming, but includes several of the same moogles as Dissidia.

See Dissidia for all the possible letters in Dissidia and Duodecim for the Duodecim letters and how to trigger them. The below moogles are capable of sending letters.

Crystal Chronicles

While the Crystal Chronicles series doesn't have any mention of an actual Mognet (at least by name), in several installments the moogles carry mail. The first of these comes from the very first game, where moogles carried letters between the home village Tipa and the adventurers out gathering Myrrh, keeping up good family relations and connecting friends at a time when people could not freely travel the world due to the Miasma - conveniently harmless to all moogles.

The second example comes from Crystal Bearers, far to the future from the original game. In it, moogles perform various jobs, including working as mail moogles. In addition to letters, they're known to be carrying newspapers.

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