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Mog Web (モグweb [mogweb] in Japanese) is a kind of an online extension of the Mognet in Duodecim. While it doesn't let you exchange letters with others, it is possible to upload and share your friend card (including any ghost data it has) and quests you've made with the quest creator in the game. It is also a source of official friend cards and quests. Note that due to the limitations of the format, not all official quests and friend cards are available, Mog web only has the latest ones available. To access the rest of the content you must visit the official Square Enix Members site, and more specifically its Duodecim section.

The Mog Web is only available in the Japanese version of the game. Players of every other region can only distribute their content through other means, such as directly from other PSPs in the vicinity or by uploading the content to the net.


To access the Mog web, a Duodecim save file must first exist on the PSP. From the title screen first pick Extra, and from there navigate to モグweb and select the save file you wish to use. Ensure that the wifi toggle is on on your PSP and access the Mog web. Options available in the main screen are to browse downloadable quests in various orders (official and by highest-ranked most prominently), download friend card by inputting the number, and upload your friend card and quests. Note that the server will only have your most recent friend card and several of your most recent quests.
Each saved item (both cards and quests) will create its own little file on the PSP, deletable through normal means.

The Mog web is an independent service from PSN, and is thus not affected by any disturbances other than its own.

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