Miscellaneous Notices

This is a collection of various miscellaneous notices in Grimoire of the Rift. To see the full list of notices, see the Clan Primer page.

Bad Clan Rising

A band of lowlifes has taken to advertising false gemstones to attract gem dealers and other people of means, then forcibly divesting them of their wealth!

Why, they're even using the pubs to spread this misinformation! The nerve!

An Elegant Letter

I must apologize for this missive. It is not my custom to entrust to quill and ink that which might better be left to lip and tongue.

I have heard your recent troubles have been resolved, and so I beg you come and meet me. I wait in Targ Wood.

Sincerely yours,

The Eyes Have It

Countless accounts have come in of large numbers of floating eyes suddenly appearing without warning.

The rumors as to why these eyes are forming are as many as the eyes themselves. Some say it's due to a special material being used for airship propulsion.

Others say it's a side effect of large scale magicite excavation. Opinions are thick up on the ground, yet facts are few and far between.

Concerning the incursion of floating eyes into the aerodrome area, the leading theory is that they encountered an airship en route, decided it was prey, and followed it to port.

Fluffy and Pink

Heard about those fluffy pink flowers?
Seems like everyone wants one these days, eh?

I believe it was called the prima petal, or the like.

Looks pretty, and makes all sorts of other things right pretty too. Quite popular with the lasses, I hear. Oh, they used to grow all over the place but now you'd be lucky to find one in a season, if that.

That said, I heard they've been spotted up Targ Wood way. Haven't seen 'em myself, though, so go at yer own risk.

A Giant Metallic Kupo

Thanks for gathering those machina scraps for me, kupo!

Finally, my years of research in lost technologies are going to pay off, kupo!

Bringing the metal giants back, that's what I'm about, kupo. And thanks to you gathering those scraps, I've finished my repairs!

Yes, my metal giant…though don't get me wrong, he's not really all that big. He's about, well, about my height, kupo.

He's not completely finished. I've got him walking a bit, and carrying light loads though, kupo!

Yes, everything so far's gone with nary a hitch…so far.

Kupo-po… I made some modifications, and thought I had it all figured out, but when I hit the switch…nothing. To be honest, I'm at wit's end, kupo!

Maybe it's the manufacted magicite, I'm thinking. Yes, I'm sure the natural variety's the way to go, kupo! Either that or something involving quickenings…? What to do! Kupo-po…
- Sheni

Hijack Hijinx

You know the airship hijacking the other day? Turns out that was some kind of exercise to train staff how to deal with possible airship attacks.

The airship terminal workers played the roles of hijacker, victim, and rescue team. Just, the rescue team was late in getting there.

I'd just arrived in town and, well, I was completely fooled. I thought the airship was under attack!

Well, at least they finished their practice, so no harm done, right?
- Neah

Komodo Trader Letter

To all members of Clan [Clan Name]:
I am in your debt.

After you helped me, I delivered everything where it needed to go, and my house gave me a bonus for my efforts!

My little sister Celestine is thrilled, just thrilled.

Now to grow a bit taller…then I'll be a real big brother, to her, you know? I wish…
- Komodo Trader


Thanks for the kupoppies the other day. I made the tincture and swallowed it down just before reaching Fluorgis, and lo and behold, I was talking just like her in moments.

It's still unclear to me precisely what quality of her speech is supposed by some to differentiate her as "special" and "grown-up," however… Evidently, the same can be said of her, as she severed all ties with me the moment I opened my mouth.

It's not your fault, really. The blame is mine for relying on such a crutch. I merely thought to relay to you the outcome of things with this letter, kupo.


Finally! The tincture's worn off! I'm back to normal…and maybe it's for the best.

Maybe she'll think so too! I'm off to try again! Wish me luck, kupo!
- Kolulu

Lamia In My Backyard

Thank you so much for investigating my gardens. I hear that the source of the noise was nothing other than a lamia singing?

Thanks to you, I can rest easily and undisturbed at night.

By the by, in the days after your investigation, several of my neighbors came to tell me that the strange headaches they'd been suffering had abated quite miraculously! Perhaps the lamia's song was troubling more than my beauty sleep?

Perhaps since I only recently moved here, I had not been exposed to the song long enough to develop the migraines my neighbors complained of, and for that, I am quite grateful.
- Lacado

Making Up

Thank you so much for getting me my cake back the other day.

On my father's birthday, I summoned up what courage I had and, bringing him my homemade carrot cake, I spoke to him at last.

I was…shy at first. But as we talked, it became easier until I could hardly remember that we had been fighting.

It seems strange to me now that we ever had a falling out. Why was I fighting with my father, anyway?

Was it because he ate all my favorite malboro jelly?

Or maybe because he left the corral door open one day when I had told him time and time again to be careful, and my favorite chocobo got away?

…Well, all that's past us now, isn't it? And I have you to thank.

Thank you, thank you so much!
- Lea

The Mother-Lord

Honor to the brave adventurers who vanquished the monster known as the Lord of the Flowsand that long plagued the Galerria Deep.

That came to pass but recently, yet now we hear whisperings that the beast has returned… How can this be?

The reports say that the beast is bigger this time, no less. What if, they say, what if it is the lord's mother?

No Philtre Required

It's me! Kuleek from the Akademy? Thanks for the help with that love philtre!

Actually…the experiment was a failure.

It turns out someone had told her about how I'd sat with her when she was in the grip of the fever…and that's why she fell in love with me!

It had nothing to do with the philtre at all! Failure has never tasted so sweet!

Picnic Plans Changed

I am writing to thank you once again for scouting out our proposed picnic location the other day.

Thanks to your findings, we decided to change our picnic from a spelunking tour of the Nazan Mines to a manufactory tour of Goug.

Though I had wished to expose the children to the unique and remarkable beauty of the mines, safety must always come first.

On our tour, I was able to introduce my students to the fascination of a large scale manufactory and the stoic beauty of the ehaust pipe arrangements we saw there.

In short, you may rest assured that your assistance has been to the very great benefit of a number of young minds.
- Thil

Rasgow's Letter

I was wrong. That was no spirit whispering from beyond the grave, but my friends, calling to me. I…will not be saved. This I know.

All I wish now is that no one else should hear this sad voice. Please, rid the mine of its spirits. Let its rock walls and vaulted halls sleep in peace.

Give the spirits their freedom, for I will be joining their number soon.

A Run from the Park

Where else can you meet all variety of creatures with no consequences but Grann's Menagerie? So went the literature, but recently a spate of escapes from the park has raised concerns for visitor safety.

Fears continues to mount, with a significant proportion of the park's escapees having run riot, to the very great detriment of several properties in the area.

Park head Mr. Grann has acknowledged the facts of the situation, citing abnormal stress on the monsters as a contributing factor to the rise in escapes.

Probable causes of stress include any extremity of treatment, such as abandonment or, still worse, the administration of excessive affection. Park workers and the Grann family have been sternly cautioned by the Society for the Protection of Monsters.

Spirits in the Sky

Mebbe you've heard this one already, but they say there's ghosts a-floatin' in the sky…right around where them airships be flyin'.
People're sayin' that, long time ago, back when we had all them airships up 'n' disapearing', why them's what disappeared've come back now as ghosts.
Well, soon's I heard that story, i got meself a ticket and took a ride on one o' them ships. Had me nose pressed up against hte window the whole time, I reckon, and guess what? I saw one! A gen-u-wine bone fide haunt!!!
Oh, it was a specter o' death, lemme tell you. Went away in the blink of an eye, but as sure as I love my drink, that was a ghost. And if there's one thing I know, it's spirits.
- Gonra the Drinker

Thanks from Obuta

Hey, thanks for getting our well back for us! It sure sucked not having a place to play.

Course now, our moms have taken over the place, and they're always telling us to stop horsing around and study our lessons. Bah!

Now we need someone to drive off our moms!

A Theft From the Manor

Several items of jewelry and art were stolen the other day from the residence of Baron Popple, the so-called "wheat king" of Camoa. Blame for the theft has been placed on the band known as the Yellow Wings, currently fugitives from the law.

Baron Popple has allegedly hired an elite headhunter to find them and retrieve his stolen goods.

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