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The following excerpts are from Final Fantasy XII unlockable lore bits in the bestiary.
Following the excerpts themselves is a brief mention of what mobs are required to unlock the lore page in question.

An Anonymoys Report

A wyrm bone brought to the bazaar has reportedly begun attacking merchants.
We have received numerous other reports, and are currently investigating possible connections. Findings to date suggest the involvement of a reanimator cult, but they have so far proven elusive and have yet to be brought to justice.
The investigation continues.
Skulwyrm 164 / Ancient CIty of Giruvegan

The Art of Collecting, Excerpt

Those who are slaves to another, be they humanoid, hume, or beast, must wear a harness with the brand of their master, proving ownership.
Most such brands bear the mark of noble houses, and amongst them can occasionally be seen the crests of houses long since fallen.
Scholars and collectors covet the harnesses of such forgotten dynasties either for their historical value, or merely for their rarity. Of these, the slaven harness is the most prized.
Slaven Warder 093 / Paramina Rift

Concerning Heraldry

The airship armadas of one far-off land display a blood red wyvern wing as their heraldic crest.
In this land, colors are used to distinguish class, with red being most auspicious and thus highest in rank, used both for the royal family and, it being a military state, for their elite fleet.
This Redwing Armada is said to be the strongest in the world, and serves as an excellent deterrent to invasion.
Aeronite 181 / Pharos

The Face of Art

Genius painter Jodua Sera has unveiled his first new work in five years to a stunned public. This large-scale painting uses death powder to create a truly unique pallet of hues.
One noted critic was quoted as saying, between sobs, "It is genius, purest genius. Did I mention it is genius?" Others have been quick to support this bold new foray from a well-established art maverick.
Death powder craze has spread to all of the ateliers and painters' gardens in town and by all accounts, it looks like a new age of art is dawning.
Bogey 194 / Zertinan Caverns

The Hunter's Companion

The true hunter looks upon the vulture with envy, and deepest respect.
That the very word "Hunter" comes from this diver's name is well known.
Thus does the hunter strive to improve his eyesight above all else, until the day his eyes surpass the eye of the hawk itself.
Vulture 117 / Mosphoran Highwaste

Ivalice: The Wayfarer's Guide

The uncharted wooded marches known as the Forests of Chaos are spoken of in legend, and though many are said to exist, little is known of their actual location.
These dense forests, where the snowflies foregather in great flurries, brushing against the faces of all who pass, are so named because the sound of the snowflies' whirring wings pitch even the halest of wayfarers into confusion. They wander, lost, never again to leave the forest.
While the marches may hide countless treasures, they are also places of unknown and unknowable danger. Consider your future, wayfarer. Consider your fate, and venture not into such places.
Nightmare 085 / Henne Mines

The Jobber's Gazette

'Tis a well-known fact that black mages head off into the wilderness several times a year, clutching a death's-head from a dark skeleton tightly in their hands, but few know why they travel or where they go. Rumors speak of shady gatherings, or pilgrimages to the underworld, where demons impart dark secrets to them in return for grisly sacrifice, but such explanations are little more than idle conjecture.
Though nonetheless prized for their skills, this mysterious custom has earned black mages a rather unsavory reputation.
Dark Skeleton 092 / Paramina Rift

The Merchant's Eye

During their military training, one handler was assigned to each bagoly, the resulting pairs developing close bonds over the passing months. Thus do the bagolys fondly recollect the staves of their handlers, and thus did they acquire the habit of stealing and hoarding the staves of the men they attack.
Though it's difficult to predict how much a given bent staff will fetch at market, few merchants would pass up the chance to purchase one, in the hope that it might be traded for another treasure at a later date.
Bagoly 132 / Phon Coast

Origin of Customs

The leynir, possessing a wild and wholly untamable disposition, is a surprisingly social creature, able to share thoughts and feelings with its kin over great distances.
Because of this, many people worship the leynir, especially such who wish to form a special bond with another.
Indeed, it is customary for lovers to send a wargod's band to the object of their affections, this being the perfect expression of both violent passion and kindred feeling from afar.
Leynir 203 / Nabreus Deadlands

On Being Fashionable

With the exception of the elegant fabrics worn by the very wealthy, giving new life to old garments is the order of the day.
Why, even the tattered garments worn by a man the day before he died would find a buyer at market.
That is why we must always wash our clothes with great diligence. After all, you never know who might be wearing them tomorrow.
Scythe Mantis 191 / Zertinan Caverns

On the Subject of Names

Why is it that we use the name of a certain vegetable to refer both to those who excel and also those without experience in the ways of the world?
It is a well-known fact that all heroes in all tales disliked vegetables as children. Their legend begins with their overcoming of this weakness, and then continues with a journey filled with hardships.
That noble vegetable, the onion, lives on as a symbol of hardships overcome, and as the mark of a true hero.
Onion Queen 153 / Feywood

Philosophical Musings

This wing, covered as it is in snow-white fur, is the most exceptionally beautiful steeling artifact. Should the fur be rich and even in its length and set, the wing becomes even more beautiful - a perfect work of art.
To the trained eye of the collector, its value is beyond question. That is why I seek out these bat wings and store them reverently as another might horde precious jewels.
Seeker 056 / Tomb of Raithwall

Torn Note

Is an empty vessel not waste, to be freely discarded?
And if it is, then is a body bereft of the soul not the same? No matter how dear the friend, should they perish, and their soul move on, what's left behind is naught but a shell.
But then… why am I so vexed?
If this body is truly waste, then why do I despise the corpse flies that gather about it so?
Dragon Lich 182 / Pharos

The contest for possession of these great, expensive, masterpieces of vanity has brought a kingdom to its knees.
For many years, nowhere was their existence acknowledged, but then, through miraculous circumstance, did they find their way into my hands.
Here I will write the truth of what happened, in its entirety, so that the story be known.
On the surface, they appear to be emperor scales, yet upon clo
Archaeoaevis 193 / Zertinan Caverns

The Ways of War

Though the armor you wear may be dented and split, listen well before you discard it on the corpse-piles of your foemen!
Should it still have the form, even if not the function, of a suit of armor, there are many who would buy it in the market. Though there are few who know this, it is the framework of the armor that decides its worth, not the condition of each plate or fitting. So if you find yourself in the possession
of a suit of split armor, should it be armor of good crafting, then it shall surely find new life at the hands of an armorer skilled in repair.
Charybterix 199 / Cerobi Steppe

Wind-torn Inscription

— — whence the Sun rise — - where it doth set — — to rule over — — - those it has created that power — -o control its warp and weft — - taken — - -ealed away.
The moon ring hung from wyrm's neck is — — to sea — -or that purpose was made — —.
The God- - -heir power is great - -erefore made they powerless thin — - but th- — - -ould not con- — and so it was.
Ash Wyrm 116 / Mosphoran Highwaste

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