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A Mirajewel (ミラストーン [mirastone] in Japanese) is a special type of gem in World of Final Fantasy that allows its wearer to use a specific ability. Note that in the game, only the main characters Reynn and Lann are capable of equipping mirajewels, mechanic-wise. Mirages obtain their abilities in other ways.


To use a mirajewel, enter the main menu and pick the Mirajewels option. This brings up an interface that lets you equip any mirajewels you have onto either Reynn or Lann. Each one has 10 slots for mirajewels, of which two are unlocked by default.

Slot Reynn Lann
1 (default) (default)
2 (default) (default)
3 ? ?
4 ? ?
5 ? ?
6 ? ?
7 ? ?
8 ? ?
9 Obtain Unei's Mirror Obtain Rat Tail
10 Obtain Doga's Artifact Obtain Griffin's Heart


This section lists the mirajewels available in the game. Please check the ability's page for details on how to obtain them. Note that not all abilities are available as mirajewels, some are specific to Mirages.

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