Miqo'te (ミコッテ [miqo'te] in Japanese) is a race of cat-like people in Final Fantasy XIV. They have their equivalent in mithra in another game. Miqo'te are for the main part female (very few males are born to either tribe) and have cat-like features such as ears and a tail, sometimes also slitted pupils. There are two separate and quite distinct tribes, the Seekers of the Sun and the Keepers of the Moon.


The first Miqo'te ended up in Eorzea during the Fifth Umbral Era (Age of Endless Frost), chasing their prey over the frozen seas. Finding good hunting grounds (and for Sun Miqo'te, possibly also for other reasons), they stayed. Initially there was a lot of conflict with the local Elezen who viewed the land as theirs.

Seekers of the Sun

The Seeker of the Sun (スンシーカー [sunseeker] in Japanese) tribe of Miqo'te are diurnal (they are awake mainly during the day). They are more 'earthy' in coloring than the other Miqo'te tribe; their skin varies from pale to very dark brown and their hair colors are largely shades of brown, blond and red. Additionally, heterochromia (having both eyes different colors) is more common on the Seekers of the Sun, even though Miqo'te in general have it more commonly than the other races in Hydaelyn.

The Sun Miqo'te live in rather close-knight tribes, and follow bloodlines through the father rather than the mother. Only very few males among them are given breeding rights, and the rights fall to whoever defeats the last breeding male (Nunh) of the tribe. This is to ensure only the strongest have children. Nunh are generally not given an important role in the tribe aside from breeding, they are rarely (if ever) leaders. Their number depends mostly on the size of the tribe, with one Nunh for every 10-50 females.
Additionally, Nunh seem at least somewhat bound to a certain area within the tribe's hunting grounds. A Tia who wants to become a Nunh has the option of claiming new grounds for the tribe, either by going to unclaimed ground and claiming it for his tribe or by going to ground claimed by another tribe and claiming that. If he can hold the ground for his tribe for an extended period of time, the Tia becomes the Nunh of the area for his tribe.

While other tribes elsewhere exist, the Seeker of the Sun tribes who came to Eorzea during the Age of Endless Frost (Fifth Umbral Era) numbered 26. They found that their number equalled exactly the number of letters in the eorzean language, and decided that this was a sign that they should stay. Each tribe took on the letter of the eorzean alphabet closest to their name. The tribes are listed below, along with their totem and the pronunciation of the tribe name.
Other, smaller and newer tribes may also exist aside from the ones listed. However, such tribes are generally not very long-lived and are always small. They are always formed by one male deciding to go off to become Nunh, and suspicion seems to be that it is because they cannot win over a Nunh of their own tribe to become one. Very few females follow such a male, and even fewer will admit to belonging to another tribe than one of the original 26.


Original tribes
A: Antelope (short Ah / ア)
B: Boar (short Bee / ビ)
C: Coeurl (short Ka / カ)
D: Dodo (short Deh / デ)
E: Eft (short Eh / エ)
F: Bear (short F / フ)
G: Gryphon (short, hard Goo / グ)
H: Gigantoad (short Hah / ハ)
I: Bufflalo (short Ee / イ)
J: Jackal (short Jah / ジャ)
K: Hipparion (short Koo / ク)
L: Viper (short Lee / リ)
M: Marmot (short Meh / メ)
N: Aldgoat (short N / ン)
O: Mole (short Oh / オ)
P: Basilisk (short Peh / ペ)
Q: Puk (short Key / キ)
R: Raptor (short Ruh / ル)
S: Zu (short Soo / ス)
T: Condor (short Tuh / トゥ)
U: Drake (Ooh / ウ)
V: Vulture (short Vah / ヴァ)
W: Wolf (whort Wah / ワ)
X: Lynx (short She / シ)
Y: Jaguar (short Yah / ヤ)
Z: Ziz (short Zoh / ゾ)

Keepers of the Moon

The Keeper of the Moon (ムーンキーパー [moonkeeper] in Japanese) tribe are paler than their cousins, and are nocturnal (they are awake mainly during the night). Skin color ranges from pale to pale pink, but also very dark grey tones and even pure black. Various shades of silver and other pale colors are common on their hair. Compared to Seekers of the Sun, the pupils of a Keeper of the Moon are rounder.

Keepers of the Moon are more loners and live in small family units, at most in gatherings of 2-3 families. They are a matriarchal society, and follow bloodlines through the mother. Males are not even given a distinctive name but take on the name of their mother with some additions.



Not much is known about the original Miqo'te language. However, it is known to have been unpronounceable for the other races.

A remnant of the language can be seen in the numbers of the letter H in Miqo'te names (present in Sun male first names and Moon female first names). This is actually not H as it is in the Eorzean language, but a slight hissing or spitting sound specific to Miqo'te, their mouths being slightly cat-like in some features. The Miqo'te H seems to be pronounced as it was originally by the Miqo'te themselves, but the other races, being incapable of producing the sound, read it as a silent H (Bhee -> Bee, Kuzh -> Kooz, Pahsh -> Pash).

Another indication are the Seeker of the Sun tribe names. The original Eorzean writing of the tribe names was mere approximation of the Miqo'te language for societal reasons. However, later on the pronunciation of the tribe's name came to more closely reflect the Eorzean reading of the letters. How close the current-day tribe names are to what they used to be is anyone's guess, but they might still provide a hint as to the structure of the language if this is kept in mind.

Naming Conventions

Seeker of the Sun Names

The first part of any Seeker of the Sun name is always their tribe's name, followed by an apostrophe. The names of the 26 major tribes are listed above in the section detailing Seeker of the Sun society. Directly following it is the given name. The tribe name seems to be thought of as part of the given name or a polite addition to it, for only a person's close friends might use only someone's given name without the tribe name attached.

Male given names consist of only one or two syllables, while female given names seem to have 2-3 syllables to them.

The practice for last names varies between males and females. It is considered an identifier of which family you belong to, and as each male is considered the head of a new family, males do not get last names per so. Each female's last name is the given name of their father (the originator of their family).
In place of a last name, each male has a title. This title is either Nunh (pronounced 'noon') or Tia ('tea-ah'). Nunh is a breeding male, one allowed to make children within the tribe. Tia is anyone else, and is the default designation for any male. Nunh title can be lost as well as gained, Tia can only be gained.

As for pronunciation, general English rules can be used except possibly for the case of the tribe names. See tribe name's pronunciation above in the Seeker of the Sun society section. Additionally, the tribe name usually flows into the given name.

O'raha - o-RA-ha not OH.raha
Y'shtola - yash-TOE-lah not ya.shtoe-lah

Sun female names Sun male names
N'bolata Raha
A'zumyn Bhen
H'amneko Odh
J'nangho Tyaka
O'raha Tia
O'bhen Tia
U'odh Nunh
K'tyaka Nunh

Keeper of the Moon Names

Unlike Seekers of the Sun, Keepers of the Moon do not have tribes. As such, they have a first name and a last name not unlike the Hyur do. Also unlike the Seekers of the Sun, the female first names are the short 1-2 syllable ones, while males have more.
In fact, a male's first name will always be their mother's first name, plus a designation for his order of birth among his male siblings, separated from the mother's name with an apostrophe.

Male name endings
First son: 'a
Second son: 'to
Third son: 'li
Fourth son: 'sae
Fifth son: 'ra
Sixth son: 'ir
Seventh son: 'wo
Eighth son: 'ya
Ninth son: 'zi
Tenth son: 'tan

The last names always comes from the mother. Some last names are said to have been passed down from the times of the First Astral Era.

Moon female names Moon male names
Okhi Nbolo
Cemi Jinjahl
Gota Jaab
Sizha Epocan
Okhi'a Nbolo
Cemi'to Jinjahl
Gota'li Jaab
Sizha'sae Epocan

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