Miasma Streams

In the world of Crystal Chronicles, the poisonous Miasma covers the land. Sometimes, this Miasma forms streams with certain elements. The element may change when years pass.
These streams are impossible to pass unless you have a Crystal Chalice, and the Crystal in it has been infused with the element of the stream you are going to pass. There are five different elements, and five different streams are revealed within the game.

Miasma Streams

Tipa Peninsula to Iron Mine Downs Miasma Stream
Year 1 - Water
Year 2 - Fire
Year 3 - Wind
Year 4 - Earth


Iron Mine Downs to Vale of Alfitaria Miasma Stream
Year 1 - Earth
Year 2 - Water
Year 3 - Fire
Year 4 - Wind

Vale of Alfitaria to Veo Lu Miasma Stream
Year 1 - Wind
Year 2 - Earth
Year 3 - Water
Year 4 - Fire

Fields of Fum to Rebena Plains Miasma Stream
Year 1 - Fire
Year 2 - Wind
Year 3 - Earth
Year 4 - Water

Rebena Plains to The Abyss Miasma Stream
All years - Holy

Element Sources

To change the element infused in the Crystal in your Crystal Chalice, it must be placed in an elemental fount that can be found near myrrh trees. The known locations of these elemental founts are listed below.


Goblin Wall / Tipa Peninsula
Lynari Desesrt / Lynari Isle
Tida / Vale of Alfitaria


Goblin Wall / Tipa Peninsula
Mine of Cathuriges / Iron Mine Downs
Moschet Manor / Vale of Alfitaria


Lynari Desert / Lynari Isle


Moschet Manor / Vale of Alfitaria
Mushroom Forest / Iron Mine Downs
River Belle Path / Tipa Peninsula


River Belle Path / Tipa Peninsula
Selepation Cave / Plains of Fum
Tida / Vale of Alfitaria

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