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Mermaids are a half-human half-fish sentient race. A better name for the race might be 'merpeople', but since 'mermaid' is what they're commonly known as and no FF contradicts it, 'mermaid' is how they're titled on Chrysalis. Sometimes they're friendly to humans, sometimes they don't care…and sometimes they're quite hostile to land-dwelling races. Below are the representations of this race in the Final Fantasy worlds.

Final Fantasy I

A beautiful blonde race with light pink fish tails and blue eyes. Their lives are connected to the Water Crystal – if the Crystal is dark too long, the mermaids will change into foam.
Sometimes, they can grow legs and live on land. It's unclear how this happens.

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Final Fantasy III

It is unknown how sentient mermaids are in Final Fantasy III, although they are aware of how to use weapons and how to decorate themselves with seashells. They are only encountered as enemies while out on the sea - see also Mermaid, Merman.

A mermaid in FF3 has dark green hair and a golden tail. They use spears as their weapon of choice.
It bears noting that the original Amano art is slightly different. In it, they have white hair, and the scales of their tail reach all the way to their backs, and are bright red and blue in color.


Not much is known. However, the description for Conch Shell in FFTA2 confirms there to be mermen in Ivalice.

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