Mark Notices in FFTA2

This is a collection of Mark-related notices from Grimoire of the Rift. For the full list of notices in the game, see the Clan Primer page.

Crying Wolf

Wolf-like creatures of a kind never seen before are running rampant in the hills around Camoa! A mark has been posted in hopes that there is someone who can deal with this menace before more lives are lost. Those who have faith in their sword arm, come to our aid!
- —Camoa Bureau of Safety

Klesta Comes

The crushatrice is known for its especially violent temperament, but one in particular makes all the rest look like docile hens.

Adventurers in the know call it Klesta, and its name evokes fear deep in the cockles of their hearts.

Klesta is mean, real mean. It attacks people, animals, anything that gets in its way.

Surely, someone would have dealt with this scourge a long time ago, were it not so nefariously resilient.

Many are the hunters who claim to have taken the beast to death's door only to have it escape at the last moment, only to return a day or two later fully restored to health.

And those hunters were the best of the best. The rest that tried to take on this fell beast, well…it's still alive, isn't it.

The Hills Are Alive

It was all dark outside, and ma says I'm supposed to be in bed, but I'm not, and I look out at the Aldanna Range, yeah? And there's all these eyes and they're looking at me.

But I told ma, and she says they posted a bill for a mark, so I shouldn't worry.

I'm not worried.
But who're Bill and Mark?
- Little Obu, Age 5

Lang Means Trouble

The four Lang Brothers, members of the Moorabella region guild, the Arbiters of Death, fled after seriously wounding an astounding twenty-eight of their clanmates.

"Those Lang Brothers were trouble from the start, everyone knew it. Just one look in those cold, cruel eyes and you'd know it too," one surviving clan member told us on condition of anonymity.

The Defenders of the Peace have posted a mark for the capture of these four dangerous criminals.

Those aspiring to the challenge should note that the Arbiters of Death are a battle-hardened clan. That four could wound so many is a testament to just how adept these Lang Brothers are at the business of battle.


Trouble in Jylland

Heard what everyone in Jylland is whispering? A burglar of exceptional skill has been hitting shop after shop across the realm.

Restaurants, armories, clotheries, no place is safe…

This is nothing new to me…but when I heard that the burglar is a monster…!

Oh, worry not. A bill will be posted soon.
- —Domis Streetears

Our Hate

So many years, I have hated.

Hated them, hated you, hated until I grew weary of hating.

How many of my comrades have fallen?
Gone to a place whence they shall never return?

Their hate is mine.
Once more, I pick up my knife.
I'm coming for you.
- (Poster Unknown)

House on Ice

The perpetrators in the malicious encasement in ice of a Fluorgis merchant manse and said manse's inhabitants have been located and contained.

Due to the remarkable durability of the iceten days from the date of the incident, and it remains entirely unmeltedwe were able to closely examine the scene, leading us to conclude that the perpetrators were indeed several in number, and possessing of an incredible capacity for creating and manipulating large quantities of ice.

Knowing that to lose them in the cold, western reaches of Jylland would be to lose them forever, the Defenders came out in force to stop them in the east. We were successful in containing them within the Kthili Sands.

Though their motives are still unclear, what is clear is that this opportunity to bring them to justice must not be missed.
- —Jylland Defenders of the Peace

A Growing Problem

Oh, kupo! Have you heard? A giant plant thing is going berserk out on Baptiste Hill and no traveler is safe, kupo!

Kupo-po… I was supposed to pass that way, but how can I now? I can't, that's how!

Anyway, I've posted a mark so it should only be a matter of time.

Patience, kupo. Patience.

The Moogle Rangers (1)

So what if they're cute? They're squatting on my land! They've made a mess of the garden, and there's no way in the Otherworld I'll ever get those pumpkins growing again…


If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right?
Oh, I asked, but they said "Your pom-pom's not fluffy enough! Sorry, kupo!" Can you believe it?
I can't!

What am I supposed to do?
- Perplexed Moogle

The Moogle Rangers (2)

Strange things are afoot! When I heard a sizeable1 number of Fluorgis's fairer residents were off to Santa D'alsa Bluff en masses, well, I thought the end had come at last.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that they were not abandoning our fine city, but instead flocking to a particular house in the Bluff where the five moogles known as the Moogle Rangers have taken up residence…in the garden.

While the Moogle Rangers have not been known to partake in violent acts, reports have shown that they do nothing to discourage the considerable donations of gil, jewelry, and consumables given to them by their smitten fans.

Some Moogle Ranger enthusiasts have raided family fortunes, and even sunk to thievery to fund their worship of these diminutive giants.

Others have been attacked by monsters en route to see the rangers, causing problems of a different sort.

Meanwhile, the fab five are heedless to calls of "enough," or, indeed, the three eviction notices already served them.

With the situation coming to a head, we can only conclude that the Moogle Rangers' intent is malicious, and a mark request has already been issued for their pernicious pom-poms.
- Dolowat, Chief Director, Fluorgis Assembly

The Mutadragons

Whispers 'neath the eaves! Three dragons have reared their fearsome heads in the vicinity of the Aldanna Range, and they're attacking town and traveler alike! Such lack of subtlety is sure to earn them mark status shortly.

Mentions of three dragons in the Aldannas might recall stories of the protector dragons of old, yet the only similarity here is their number.

These are base, feral creatures with naught but menace on their minds.

Perhaps the thick Mist of the region is what drove these typical reclusive wyrms to violence??
- —Domis Streetears

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