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Magitek is, invariably, technology that uses magic in some form as its power source. The exact details of this process varies by game.

Final Fantasy VI

Magitek was a process invented by the Imperial genetic engineer Cid del Norte Marguez. This process involves draining magic energy from the magical creatures known as Espers and creating powerful weapons from the gathered energy. He developed this technique after Emperor Gestahl and his troops captured various Espers and took them prisoner.

Many mechanical military devices were created using this technology, including the dreaded Magitek Armor and the Guardian. Also, Cid used this technique to infuse magical energy into humans, allowing them to use Magic. His first test subject was a man named Kefka Palazzo, who volunteered to do it. He became very proficient in Magic, but the process also had an unintended side effect: Kefka turned insane and became hungry for power. Cid learned from this failure and made a weaker, but more refined process in order to get rid of the unintended side effect. He tested this new process on a toddler named Celes Chere, whom he raised as his own daughter. The process worked, making her proficient in Magic while keeping her sanity, and from then on, all ranking Imperial soldiers went through this process, and became known as Magitek Knights. A notable exception to this was General Leo Cristophe, whose proficiency with a sword was considered to be the best in the world, and was a high ranking Imperial officer. He is said to have refused the infusion.

After the discovery of the more efficient Magicite, pure magical energy in a stone, use of Magitek began to decline since the process was no longer needed to learn magic.

Final Fantasy XIV

Magitek was, if not invented then largely expanded upon by Cid Garlond, creator and leader of the Garlond Ironworks. Magitek uses the ceruleum, a form of processed aether, to power various devices. Most all magitek is used by the Garlean Empire, the place where it was first invented. However, in recent times several nations in Eorzea have come in possession of minor magitek technology due to Cid Garlond leaving Garlemald for Eorzea.

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Final Fantasy Type-0

Magitek was the invention of Cid Aulstyne, the emperor of Milites.

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