Magick Rumors in FFTA2

This is a collection of magick related information rumors from Grimoire of the Rift. To see all rumors, please go to the Clan Primer page.

Itinerant Black Mage

I prefer traveling alone, kupo. I can go where I want, when I want. But that's not always easy for a black mage.

Preparing for battle takes tremendous concentration. That means starting out each battle with no Mist to use for magicks. Having to wait before casting my first spell can be scary, kupo!

And that's not the worst part. It's much easier to end up surrounded when you're on your own. Fending off attacks from the front is hard enough, but what's to keep some footpad from sneaking up behind me and clubbing me on the pom-pom? That hurts, kupo!

At least you can rest after a battle. I was in a tournament just the other day that involved a series of back-to-back melees. I had to drink an elixir just to stay on my feet, kupo! Lucky I had one handy - elixirs don't grow on trees!
- —Lonely Black Mage

Introductory Magick Studies

It is not enough to know the eight elements: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Water, Earth, Wind, Holy, and Dark. One must also know the subject's resistance, or lack thereof, to these elements.

Some beasts have weaknesses to specific elements, taking greater damage from attacks of a certain nature. Others show resistance but are not wholly immune, these taking half the damage one might usually expect. Still others demonstrate perfect immunity, shrugging off even the mightiest of magicks. Finally there are those so in tune with a given element that they feed on its power, using that power to restore themselves.

- —Notes of a First Year Akademy Student

Intermediate Magick Studies

Afflictions and Ailments

There are a great number of debilitating magicks at the mage's disposal. Learning their various effects is the first step toward mastering them.

The victim is unconscious and can neither move nor act.
The victim has been turned to solid stone and can neither move nor act.
The victim has been turned into a toad and can only move.
The victim loses all control and mindlessly strikes out at his foes.
The victim mistakes friend for foe, attacking his allies.
The victim acts erratically, attacking friend and foe alike.
Poison course through the victim's body, slowly depleting his health.
The victim cannot see and has difficulty landing physical attacks.
The victim cannot speak, preventing the use of magick.
The victim is in a magickal sleep and can neither move nor act.
The victim cannot move.
The victim cannot act.
The victim forgets all knowledge of abilities.
The flow of time is slowed for the victim, increasing the delay between actions.
The flow of time is stopped for the victim, preventing him from moving or acting.
A flammable oil covers the victim, rendering him vulnerable to fire-based attacks.

- —The Forget Mage, Excerpt

Advanced Magick Studies

The Lesser Undead

The dark hills and woods of the land abound with all manner of undead fiend. Zombies and ghosts are two of the more common, if not more deadly, variety.

Both zombie and ghost are possessed of the ability to rise after being struck down, but only ghosts can teleport where they will, attacking their quarry from all sides.

Cunning and luck are needed in equal measure to defeat a group fo the creatures, as they must all be defeated at the same time in order that rites might be performed to prevent their rising again.

Those with knowledge of burial might inter a corpse during battle, and placing a phoenix down on the remains will likewise release the spirit to eternal rest.

All would be wise to employ curative magick and the holy healing powers of potions and the like when facing these minions of the dark.
- —Bestiary of Creatures Fantastic and Rare

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