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Magicite (魔石 [maseki] or 'magic stone') is a type of a magic-infused stone. Magicite has appeared throughout the Final Fantasy series in various roles, although its most common role is that of an aid to cast magic, through one way or another.

Final Fantasy VI

Magicite is what remains of Espers after they die. These precious gems contain the magical energy and the soul of the Esper.

In order for the magical power of an Esper to be fully drained, an Esper must be transformed into Magicite. Any bearer of Magicite, regardless of magical ability, can call upon the power of the Esper who once lived. After this person gains enough experience with the shard, he or she can wield the Esper's powers without its aid.

Final Fantasy VII

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Final Fantasy XIV

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Crystal Chronicles

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