Magical Moments

Magical Moments is an online shop in Final Fantasy XIII. You can access it with the key item Magical Moments. Item selection is in the order they become available. Selection expansion method is only mentioned when it changes.


Guardian Amulet - 5,000 gil
Auric Amulet - 5,000 gil
Watchman's Amulet - 5,000 gil
Hero's Amulet - 5,000 gil (chapter 10)
Saint's Amulet - 5,000 gil
Zealot's Amulet - 5,000 gil (chapter 11)
Flamebane Brooch - 3,000 gil
Frostbane Brooch - 3,000 gil
Sparkbane Brooch - 3,000 gil
Aquabane Brooch - 3,000 gil

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