Lunarians (月の民 [tsuki no tami] or 'the people of the moon' in Japanese1) are an ancient advanced civilization from a planet that was destroyed in Final Fantasy IV. The remaining Lunarians now sleep in special chambers within the second, artificial moon of the planet Gaia, the moon being remnants of their original planet.

Not much is known about Lunarian history. They had crystal technology and were capable of space travel, as well as technological capability to escape the destruction of their planet in a part of it. Most of the race being asleep currently, it's also evident that they possess some form of possibly cryogenic sleep or equivalent.
The Lunarian planet was originally the fifth planet from the sun in the same system as Gaia is in. However, the gravitational forces between the then-sixth and fourth planets caused the budding Lunarian planet to be destroyed, leaving only an asteroid belt behind. This story coincides with current-Earth theories about a possible planet between Mars and Jupiter.

The Lunarians look much like humans do, except for their lighter coloring. It seems that if not most, then at least many Lunarians have silver hair naturally. They also appear to live a long time compared to humans. They are also capable of cross-breeding with humans.

Only two full-blooded Lunarians appear in FF4, Fusoya and Zemus. In addition a third one, Kluya, is mentioned. Kluya sired two half-bloods during his time on Gaia, Cecil Harvey and Golbez.

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