Llymlaen (リムラエン [llymlaen] in Japanese) is the patron goddess of Limsa Lominsa and the goddess of the seas and navigation. She's the daughter of Thaliak and Azeyma and elder sister of Nophica. Her element is wind and her moon the fifth (third astral moon). Her symbol is the wave, and she's depicted as a fisherwoman with a harpoon.

While not much is known about Llymlaen, in her role of the patron goddess of Limsa Lominsa, she is said to have guided the founders of the city to its location, taking pity on their aimless flight from their defeat against overwhelming odds.

Llymlaen's Ascent

The respect of lominsan citizens of Llymlaen can also be seen in places named after Llymlaen's Ascent, a tale of some of the goddess's life in 12 chapters. Each of these chapters happened at a different location around Vylbrand, and her followers make time for yearly pilgrimages to the sites, in the order they happened in the Ascent.
The chapters and their corresponding locations are below, in order.

Chapter Location
Llymlaen's Folly Cassiopeia Hollow (west)
Llymlaens Flight Cassiopeia Hollow (north)
Llymlaen's Tempest Cassiopeia Hollow (east)
Llymlaen's Clarity Cassiopeia Hollow (south)
Llymlaen's Resolve Shposhae (map 1, east)
Llymlaen's Bearing Shposhae (map 1, west)
Llymlaen's Trial Shposhae (map 4, east)
Llymlaen's Encounter Shposhae (map 3, west)
Llymlaen's Stand Shposhae (map 5, east)
Llymlaen's Triumph (unknown)
Llymlaen's Oath (unknown)
Llymlaen's Ascent (unknown)

Divine Symbol


During the days when Dalamud loomed ever larger and Nael Van Darnus had just been vanquished, the Circle of Knowing sent an adventurer on a pilgrimage to wake the Twelve. This pilgrimage involved praying at the divine symbols of the Twelve to attune with their energies.

The divine symbol of Llymlaen could be found in Limsa Lominsa's Anchor Yard, overlooking the harbor from high above, at the foot of a monument. For some reason, along with the foot of the statue where Llymlaen's symbol lie, the seagull on top of the monument also turned crystalline at the same time. It also bears noting that while there are three identical monuments in Limsa Lominsa, only the one in Anchor Yard bore the divine symbol.

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