A Linkshell as a player term refers to a player community, that what is often described as a 'guild' in some MMOs (note that the term 'guild' has a separate meaning in Final Fantasies). It is established by one person, who then proceeds to give pearls (or membership) to other people, and has the capabilities to kick members, promote members to sacks (or leaders) and break the shell.

In in-game lore a linkshell is a type of a shell, giving out pearls the same color as the shell itself. Pearls that come from a single shell have the capability to transmit speech, rather like whisperweed. Shells are used by inhabitants of the worlds as common devices of communication, whether that communication be keeping friends in touch, spread news of local weather and other news, or deliver important military information.

Final Fantasy XI


To make a linkshell, a player has to first buy a fresh one from specific linkshell vendors. They are open 12-20 every day but Darksday, and can occasionally sell out if there is too much demand. The price varies between 8,000-14,400 gil. Trying to equip the shell (through main menu -> Linkshell or command /linkshell) you will be given the option to give it a name and specify its color. The name must be unique within the server.

After it is done, this same menu can be used to make new pearls as well as view online members and manage the linkshell. It bears noting that while there is no limit on how many pearls a single shell can produce, only 64 people can equip a shell at a time. Any attempts by more people to equip the shell will be unsuccessful.

A linkshell message can be set that will be displayed to every member when they equip a pearl or sign in with the pearl equipped. Initially only the shell leader will be able to set it, but the permission can be changed to include sacks also, or include all members. The command for setting the message is "/lsmes [Message]".

There is an official web interface available to communicate with LS members and post pictures. It can be found here.

San d'Oria
Paunelie - Southern San d'Oria (E-8) (inside shop)
Ilita - Port Bastok (E-7)
Khel Pahlhama - Port Windurst (H-9)

Final Fantasy XIV

Version 1.x


Linkshells can be obtained from the local Adventurers' Guild, from the person whose duty it is to distribute them. They do not cost anything. To obtain the shell, you must first define its basic features. First of these is the name of the linkshell, this must be unique within the server. Second is setting the linkshell crest.

The crest can be any one of the 58 different designs available, in any of the 10 color combinations possible. The designs can be seen to the side. The light blue in it represents the background color and the dark blue the foreground color. There are two possible background colors, those of white and yellow. The possible foreground colors are red, blue, green, purple and black.

A linkshell pearl must be equipped before it can be talked in, but after obtaining a pearl you will always see the linkshell talk in any chat window you've set to display it. Changing between active linkshells can be done either through the Linkshell menu that lists all pearls in your possession in descending order from the oldest to the most freshly created, or it can be tied to a keybind. You can set keybinds for cycling forward and backward through your pearl list and for switching to a specific pearl.

The maximum number of pearls any single character can hold is 8, and the maximum allowed characters in a single linkshell is 128.

The official players' site Lodestone also has sections for each linkshell, listing members and giving them their own forums.

Emoni - Gridania / Carline Canopy
Limsa Lominsa
A'shakkal - Limsa Lominsa / The Drowning Wench
Sesebaru - Ul'dah / The Quicksand

Crest Designations


While there is no universally accepted way to refer to a certain crest design/color combination, the below is what's used at Chrysalis.

Each design has their own number, 1-58. In the crest design picture above, they are in order. For example, the design used in the picture to the right is number 13.
As for colors, the foreground colors have numbers and the background colors letters. A stands for White while B stands for Yellow, the foreground colors are in order in the picture to the right.

Combining these, one can say that, for example, the black-and-white design in the picture to the right is crest 13-5A, while the purple-and-yellow one is 13-4B.
There is one exception to this rule, and that is design #1, as it uses only one color at a time. Each of the background and foreground colors can be used for the crest, so the designations become the like of 1-B or 1-3.

A Realm Reborn

While linkshells fulfill their duty of adding private chat channels for players in A Realm Reborn as well as FF11 and the original FF14, there are some differences in how they function. They no longer fulfill the role of player-guilds, and instead are mere chat channels. Free Companies have taken over the player-guild function, along with the crest function that used to be tied to linkshells in 1.x.

New linkshells can be obtained from any Adventurers' Guild, free of charge. To create one, you simply need to give it a name. It can be 3-20 characters long, and can only consist of letters and numbers, as well as spaces within the name. You can invite others by bringing up the context menu (right-click) and choosing the 'Invite to linkshell' option. The invitee will get a notification saying they've been invited, and must accept the invitation before they are added to the linkshell roster. You can join a maximum of 8 different linkshells, and can examine their member details at any time through the Linkshell menu. A single linkshell can hold a maximum of 128 members.

After joining a linkshell, all chat within is is displayed in all chat log tabs you have enabled linkshell chat to appear in. To talk in a linkshell, your talk channel must be set to the linkshell you want to chat in. You can use either text commands (eg /l2 for talking in linkshell #2), or tie a shortcut to cycling through linkshells and/or changing chat channel temporarily to a certain linkshell.

Theanne - Old Gridania / Carline Canopy
Limsa Lominsa
L'zuhjha - Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks / Aftcastle
Ninisha - Ul'dah Steps of Nald / Ruby Road Exchange

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