Leonid Meteor

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The Leonid Meteor in Final Fantasy: Spirits Within was a meteor that fell to Earth and brought with it the Phantoms. The particular piece that fell was a part of the phantom home world before it exploded. It is unknown how long it traversed the space before ending up on Earth.

On the real Earth, the Leonids are an annual meteor shower that can be seen around mid- to late November. The amount of meteors each year varies due to the relative position of the Earth and the Leonids each year. The meteors in the Leonids are left-behind residue from the comet Temple-Tuttle. Larger particles of it can be up to 10 mm across.
Why the Leonid Meteor was named after the Leonids is unknown, but it could be speculated that it fell around the time of the Leonids and/or that it came from the same apparent position in the sky as the Leonids come from - from the vicinity of the constellation Leo. The proximity of the constellation is what gave the Leonids their name.

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