Lenora's Garage

Lenora's Garage is a virtual shop in Final Fantasy XIII. It's run by Maqui, and handles mostly machine parts. In the year 3 AF or thereabouts, some of the deliveries weren't getting to the recipients properly so Maqui had to borrow space on the Moogleworks server, which solved the problems.

In FF13-2, you can find various fragment items which feature the Lenora's Garage Latest news. To read all of the news, you need the Heart Prism, Pathos Jewel, Misery's Bead, Amur's Sphere and Innocence's Sacred Sphere.


This is the selection of goods available for buying from the Lenora's Garage network.

Item Price Availability
Polymer Emulsion 200 gil chapter 4, after Dreadnought fight
Ferroelectric Film 460 gil chapter 4, after Dreadnought fight
Insulated Cabling 280 gil chapter 4, after Dreadnought fight
Ceramic Armor 660 gil chapter 7
Passive Detector 840 gil chapter 7
Liquid Crystal Lens 320 gil chapter 9
Epicyclic Gear 320 gil chapter 9
Radial Bearing 320 gil chapter 11, after reaching Earthworks
Superconductor 840 gil chapter 11, after reaching Earthworks
Bomb Fragment 430 gil chapter 7
Fiber-optic Cable 840 gil chapter 11, after reaching Earthworks
Ring Joint 840 gil chapter 9
Crankshaft 840 gil chapter 9
Perfect Conductor 1,600 gil chapter 11, after reaching Earthworks
Piezoelectric Element 840 gil chapter 11, after reaching Earthworks
Turbojet 840 gil chapter 7
Paraffin Oil 320 gil chapter 4, after Dreadnought fight
Amplifier 520 gil chapter 11, after reaching Earthworks
Silicone Oil 660 gil chapter 11, after reaching Earthworks

Lenora's Garage Latest

You're not going to believe this. More and more people in New Bodhum have been learning spells after moving here from Cocoon! It makes sense that Serah has magic powers, 'cause she spent time dreaming in crystal, but when kids start screaming 'Fire!' and conjuring flames out of thin air, you have to start wondering. We asked Serah how she does her magic tricks, and she said something about 'channeling the crystal within' - whatever that means. Well, maybe some mysteries are not meant to be understood…

This new column, penned by your favorite junk and gadgets dealer, introduces newbies to the ins and outs of machines of all kinds. The crystal used inside the ancient Oracle Drive devices is a really amazing material. It resonates with the thoughts of nearby people and reconstructs them in its atomic structure! Plus, if you inject energy into the crystal, you can freeze the structure into place. So, if you think about something really hard, and then run a current of energy through the crystal lattice, you can trap the images that were inside your head. Scientists have even figured out how to date the recordings.

Since I started dealing junk parts, I've been building quite a collection of broken weapons components. I've divided them into tow main categories: military weapons and ancient weapons. Military weapons include things like bioweapons and mechs that were used by the old Cocoon military. A lot of the top-secret stuff features streamlined designs and AMP (Antimatter Manipulation Principle) technology. The ancient weapons are mostly military hardware that extinct Gran Pulse civilizations left behind. These relics tend to be tough and heavy, like construction machinery, but some are really weird contraptions using far-out technologies.

We'd been having problems with our automated delivery system, and customers were complaining they didn't get their goods. For a virtual shop like us, this is a serious problem. Then again, I only started this as a hobby, so do I really care if we go under? Well, anyway, we patched the problem by borrowing space on the Moogleworks system, which is why some of you have been greeted by a squeaky 'Welcome, kupo!'…Say, wouldn't it be wild if that shop was run by a real live moogle?

The upgrades we do on wristwatches make them pretty much indestructible. It all started when Snow asked us to customize a watch for him, with a guarantee that it could survive absolutely anything he might throw at it. Not sure why he'd want to try and wreck his own watch, but the customer knows best, I guess. Besides, the way Snow runs around like a behemoth with its head cut off, I figure he should worry more about himself than his watch. People complained about how the earlier models looked, so we've brought my pal Yuj on board to spiff up the design. If anyone knows about matching outfits, it's Yuj.

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