Legendary Weapons

The legendary weapons (伝説の武器 [densetsu no buki] in Japanese) have appeared in several games to date. Note that in addition to the below, it is implied in some games that the sealed-away weapons present might be 'legendary weapons', but a common title for them is not given so they are not listed here.

Final Fantasy V

In Final Fantasy V, there are twelve legendary weapons of unimaginable strength that were wielded by twelve heroes of old to defeat the warlock Enuo. Before the splitting of the world in two, these weapons were sealed inside Castle Kuza to await a time they would be needed again.

During gameplay, you are given the chance to obtain these weapons. You must bring back a stone tablet from the places they are hidden in, and each tablet allows you to unseal three weapons of your choice. Note that only the first three weapons are mandatory for continuing the story, the rest are purely optional.

The room the weapons were sealed in was roughly circular, with the entrance in the middle and the pedestals to hold the weapons in a circle formation like the numbers of a clock. Below, the weapons are listed in clockwise order starting with the position '1' on the clock.

1. Assassin's Dagger
2. Sasuke's Katana
3. Holy Lance
4. Rune Axe
5. Masamune
6. Yoichi's Bow
7. Fire Lash
8. Sage's Staff
9. Magus Rod
10. Apollo's Harp
11. Gaia Bell
12. Excalibur


There is no story behind the legendary weapons in Pictlogica. They are crafted from Rosetta stones found in the Mirage Tower every 100 floors. Each weapon type has one legendary weapon to it, for a total of 15 different weapons. Note that when available, the weapon's name is the same as the name of the legendary weapons in FF5.

Apollo's Harp
Assassin's Dagger
Crystal Eye
Holy Lance
Last Resort
Rune Axe
Sage's Staff
Sasuke's Katana
Wizard's Rod
Yagyu Darkrood
Yoichi's Bow

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