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Within Spira, there exist at least two languages. These are the common tongue spoken by most everybody (this means either English or Japanese, depending on which version of the game you're playing), and the Al Bhed language.

The Al Bhed language is a fairly simple one, as all it does is change one letter of the alphabet into another one. Should you memorize what these exchanges are, you can read and understand Al Bhed just fine - although understanding it based on what you hear in the case of English might be another thing, as there pronunciation comes into play.

It bears noting that in Japanese the exchange happens within the same vowel series - for example, A becomes WA and SU becomes NU, although it becomes more complicated with the 'p', 'b', etc series vowels. In addition, the 'small' letters (the YA in CHA, the O in VO, the TSU used to indicate a double-consonant) are kept as in regular Japanese.

The letter exchanges have been listed below.

English Al Bhed Japanese (A-U) Al Bhed Japanese (E-N) Al Bhed Japanese (etc) Al Bhed
A E あ (a) ワ (wa) え (e) ネ (ne) が (ga) ダ (da)
B P か (ka) ア (a) け (ke) テ (te) ざ (za) バ (ba)
C S さ (sa) ラ (ra) せ (se) ヘ (he) だ (da) ガ (ga)
D T た (ta) サ (sa) て (te) セ (se) ば (ba) ザ (za)
E I な (na) ハ (ha) ね (ne) メ (me) ぱ (pa) プ (pu)
F W は (ha) マ (ma) へ (he) ケ (ke) ぎ (gi) ジ (ji)
G K ま (ma) ヤ (ya) め (me) レ (re) じ (ji) ギ (gi)
H N や (ya) タ (ta) れ (re) エ (e) ぢ (dzi) ビ (bi)
I U ら (ra) ナ (na) お (o) ト (to) び (bi) ヂ (dzi)
J V わ (wa) カ (ka) こ (ko) ヨ (yo) ぴ (pi) ペ (pe)
K G い (i) ミ (mi) そ (so) ホ (ho) ぐ (ku) ヅ (dzu)
L C き (ki) チ (chi) と (to) ソ (so) ず (zu) ブ (bu)
M L し (shi) キ (ki) の (no) オ (o) づ (dzu) グ (gu)
N R ち (chi) ヒ (hi) ほ (ho) ロ (ro) ぶ (bu) ズ (zu)
O Y に (ni) シ (shi) も (mo) コ (ko) ぷ (pu) パ (pa)
P B ひ (hi) リ (ri) よ (yo) モ (mo) げ (ge) デ (de)
Q Z み (mi) イ (i) ろ (ro) ノ (no) ぜ (ze) ゲ (ge)
R H り (ri) ニ (ni) を (wo) ム (mu) で (de) ベ (be)
S M う (u) フ (fu) ん (n) ン (n) べ (be) ゼ (ze)
T D く (ku) ル (ru) ぺ (pe) ポ (po)
U O す (su) ヌ (nu) ご (go) ゾ (zo)
V F つ (tsu) ユ (yu) ぞ (zo) ボ (bo)
W Z ぬ (nu) ス (su) ど (do) ゴ (go)
X Q ふ (fu) ク (ku) ぼ (bo) ド (do)
Y A む (mu) ツ (tsu) ぽ (po) ピ (pi)
Z J ゆ (yu) ヲ (wo)
る (ru) ウ (u)

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