Lambs of Dalamud

The Lambs of Dalamud are a doomsday cult from late 6th Astral Era Eorzea. They first held that Dalamud, the secondary moon, would fall upon Eorzea. This in their opinion required human sacrifices, although the cause isn't known. Likely causes include a wish to prevent its descent or to give it more blood to honor it (possibly to gain salvation for themselves). Whatever the case, they consider anyone outside the cult to be heretics. Once Dalamud blew up in the skies without reaching ground, they held heretics responsible for this, and have since been on a crusade to eradicate every single one from the face of the world.


Not much is known about the organization itself. They appeared in early 1572 in all of the city-states, and appear to have had a base of operations (or at least a place to bring sacrifices to) prior to the Calamity in Mistbeard Cove's Whale's Cage/Slophouse and Copperbell Mines, Sil'dih aqueducts area. Both of these locations were normally unreachable for the random wanderer. They were also known for luring adventurers to the stone circle of Gwyr-Aen, likewise to sacrifice them.

After the fall of Dalamud, they have been spotted in Tam-Tara Deepcroft among other places, where they attempted to summon a strong voidsent to rain destruction on Eorzea.


The Lambs of Dalamud are known to have had at least one priest (Lunatic Priest), and many warrior followers (Lunatic Follower). Prior to the Calamity they used to lure people from the grand cities by pretending to be concerned relatives in search of kidnapped daughters and the like, and then attempt to sacrifice the would-be helpers once they were isolated. There is one pair known to have practised this, the father Addison and the daughter Milburh.

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