Lalafell (ララフェル (lalafell) in Japanese) are a race of short stature, quick legs and an agile mind in Final Fantasy XIV. They are also known as Tarutaru in another game. They are very much oriented to family and other social life, and due to this and their age-olds experience in merchanting are generally viewed as good at logistics.

The Lalafell are divided into two major tribes that we know of. The Plainsfolk originate from temperate climates in the south and have always been mainly farmers and merchants. Their complexion varies from fair to tanned, and hair color from various shades of blond and brown to green - earthy colors. Their cousins the Dunesfolk are likewise from the south, but from desert regions. Unlike the Plainsfolk the Dunesfolk have led a traditionally nomadic life, and their eyes have adjusted to the glaring hot desert sun by growing a reflective surface that covers and protects the pupils of their eyes.
To this date neither of the tribes like to be in cold climes.


Not much is known about the arrival of the Lalafell to Eorzea. What is known that it has been long enough for Lalafellin civilizations to flourish and fall, and that the first Lalafell were merchants seeking to establish new trade routes. Eorzea offered them land unexplored, many opportunities and a suitable climate, so they stayed.



Before their arrival in Eorzea, the Lalafell used to have a language of their own instead of the common tongue used widely in Eorzea. Not much is known about the language, except that its most modern form known contained five vowels. Below are the vowels and a short pronunciation guide.
While the language isn't spoken in Eorzea, a remnant of it are the Lalafellin names (see more about names below).

a ('ah' as in arm)
e ('eh' as in bet)
i ('ee' as in beet)
o ('oh' as in home)
u ('ooh' as in dude)


Naming Conventions

Each of the two Lalafell tribes of Dunesfolk and Plainsfolk have their own naming conventions, one rule for males and one for females. For anyone of the other races, it might be easier to recognize a Lalafell's gender by their name rather than their appearance, which can be rather much the same.

A Lalafell's name consists of several phonemes in a pattern. The conventions for the tribes and genders simply vary the repeating phonemes and their order. It bears noting that Lalafell have 'last names' as they are known among the other peoples, as each Lalafell's first name depends on the first name. Especially among the females this would lead to each Lalafell girl being named the same as their mother if the two have the same last name.

In addition to the rules below, the Lalafell royalty (of the two major known sultanates at least) use the name of the sultanate to indicate their position.
Thus, we arrive at sultana Nanamo Ul Namo of Ul'dah and sultan Lalawefu Sil Tatawefu of Sil'dih, as examples.

Dunesfolk Names

Male - AAB CCB
Female - AAB AB

For males, A and C phones are 1 syllable, while the B phoneme has 2. For females, both A and B phonemes have 1 syllable. Both males and females of the Dunesfolk often go only by their first names, although it's by far more common among the females. An exception to this proves Dunesfolk females in service of Grand Companies, in which situation they tend to use their full names.

For males, sometimes the B phoneme will look like it only has one syllable (Zozonan, Nanalai). This is a remnant of the old Lalafellin language. Once upon a time the language had vowels not in use in the current day, and these vowels became silent when spoken. Their counterpart in a name's phoneme remained, however, making it look like it contains only one syllable.

Female Dunesfolk names Male Dunesfolk names
Jajano Jano
Yayamo Yamo
Jajariku Nanariku
Nunulupa Tatalupa

Plainsfolk Names

Male - AB CB
Female - ABB AB

For males, A and C phonemes are 2 syllables while B is 1 syllable. For females, both A and B phonemes are 1 syllable.
Males tend to always use their full names whatever they do. Females, however, tend to go by their first names only, always.

Female Plainsfolk names Male Plainsfolk names
Mimomo Mimo
Ulala Ula
Honmeme Honme
Zorido Manarido
Kopel Yorpel
Waguda Mabaguda

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