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The l'Cie (ルシ [l'Cie] in Japanese) are humans branded by fal'Cie to carry out their commands. Each l'Cie is given a Focus, a task to fulfill. A l'Cie is far stronger than a mere human, but in exchange must carry out the fal'Cie's command or face certain death.

The Brand

Upon becoming a l'Cie, the person will be branded with the emblematic mark of l'Cie somewhere on their body. This mark is proof of their duty, and will show how close to failing their Focus the l'Cie is. The time given to fulfill their Focus depends on the difficulty of it, some have years to go, some mere hours. Emotional upheavals can also accelerate the brand's decaying, and it is entirely possible to fail a Focus due to shock right upon being branded. As for the Focus, a l'Cie will be given a hint as to what it is, but it will not be clearly spelled out. Instead, the l'Cie must figure it out themselves and carry it out.

The Focus

Upon completion of their Focus, a l'Cie will fall into crystal stasis - that is, become a crystal and slumber for years, possibly even hundreds of years, before awakening again. It is possible to awaken only to have to carry out another Focus.
However, should a l'Cie fail to carry out their Focus, one way or another, they will become a Cie'th, a dead body animated by their will to carry out their Focus, attacking anything and everything indiscriminately. This stage will last for an undetermined time. Eventually however, the Cie'th will cease wondering and become a stone, begging any l'Cie that comes near them to carry out their Focus.

In Orience, when a l'Cie fulfills their Focus, they change into a crystal that shortly thereafter shatters. Pieces of these crystals are called L'Cie Pyroxene.


When a l'Cie wavers on their path to carry out their Focus one way or another, an Eidolon reflecting that l'Cie's powers will be summoned. The process is not easy for the l'Cie, and appears quite painful. They must then defeat this Eidolon in battle, or die on the spot.
It appears that Eidolons may have some correspondence with fal'Cie.

See here for a list of Eidolons in Final Fantasy XIII.

The l'Cie

This is a list of all l'Cie who appeared by name in the game.

Final Fantasy XIII
Cid Raines
Dajh Katzroy
Hope Estheim
Oerba Dia Vanille
Oerba Yun Fang
Sazh Katzroy
Serah Farron
Snow Villiers

Machina Kunagiri
Zhuyu Vaugefeau Beaut
Dragon King Azur

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