Kupo is a word used by moogles in their speech. Moogles of many worlds end their speech with 'kupo', use it as a greeting or as an emphasis and other functions like that. Some moogle types either cannot or will not in general speak human languages, and as such their own language comes across as strings of 'kupo' to the uninitiated. It maybe that among other moogle types, who do converse with humans, usage of the word in their human-language speech is a remnant of their own language.

In Japanese, the word is クポ [kupo]. In addition to the usage mentioned before, in Japanese some moogles replace '-desu' or '-masu' endings with '-kupo'. To those unfamiliar with the Japanese language, this means that -kupo becomes an indicator of being polite.

Kupo shouldn't be confused with KP, the moogle-given points for clearing distortions in Duodecim.

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