Knights of Pluto

The Knights of Pluto (プルート隊 [pluto-tai] in Japanese) are one of the two branches of Alexandrian military. The Knights got their name from the Brave Warriors of Pluto who were involved in the 15th Lindblum War. It used to be the aspiration for every Alexandrian male, as males used to have very few serious career opportunities in the female-dominated Alexandria. However, in the current day it is a pale shadow of what it once was, reduced to a mere 9 soldiers including the captain.

The current captain of the Knights of Pluto is Adelbert Steiner, who earned the title in 1789 over the other aspirant Beatrix. The captain is member I, the other members are listed below.

Knights of Pluto
II. Blutzen
III. Kohel
IV. Laudo
V. Dojebon
VI. Breireicht
VII. Weimar
VIII. Haagen
IX. Mullenkedheim

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