Justice Monsters Five (Encyclopedia)

Justice Monsters Five (ジャスティスモンスターズファイブ [justice monsters five] in Japanese) is a pinball game in the world of Eos. It seems to be part of a series (likely called Justice Monsters), although it's unknown at this point in time if this is really the fifth installment of the series or not.

Justice Monsters tells the story of monsters who fight for the sake of justice against the Grim Gargoyle and his legions. They are led by Bomb Bro. When Bomb Bro sacrifices himself in defeating Bahamut, the war between Grim Gargoyle and the monsters on the side of justice is put on hold for 100 years. Then evil rises again, and the new wave of monsters who rise up against it are known as the Justice Monsters Five. This story is told in the game bearing their name (available for smartphones).

Original Justice Monsters
English Name Japanese Name
Bomb Bro Happy Bomb
Lamiana Pure Lamia
Fab Flan Cool Pudding
Casanova Coeurl Coeurl Ace

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