Job Stone

A job stone (alternately, job soul) are special key items that enable you to change into jobs in Final Fantasy XIV. They're said to be ancient (or at the very least old) crystal chunks upon which are engraved the deeds of past practitioners of the job, and to be more exact the deeds of past bearers of the stone.
Job stones are equipped much like any other equipment, although the slot for a job stone is only unlocked in your interface after you receive your first stone. After this, you can equip a stone presuming you have a one corresponding to the class you're currently on. The command for equipping one is /job. That command will equip or unequip your job stone if it can be done on your current class. To specifically toggle a job on or off, use the commands /job on or /job off.

Job Stones
Soul of a Bard
Soul of a Black Mage
Soul of a Dragoon
Soul of a Monk
Soul of a Paladin
Soul of a Warrior
Soul of a White Mage

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