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A Jagd (ヤクト [yakt] in Japanese) is a lawless place usually not in control of any country. The air in them is heavy with Mist, rendering the area dangerous for common people, and in some cases changes the ecosystem of the area in question, making for awe-inspiring natural formations augmented by Mist.
In some places in the Jagds the Mist is actually thick enough to see and to muddle senses. These are especially dangerous, and for the Viera can prove almost fatal.

The heavy concentrations of Mist also render Cloudstones useless in and above the Jagds, thus preventing the use of airships around the areas. Any airship pilot reckless enough to attempt flying over a Jagd would soon have their vessel crashing to the earth.


Below have been listed all the jagds that have appeared in the games so far.

Jagd Ahli
Jagd Difohr
Jagd Dorsa
Jagd Helje
Jagd Naldoa
Jagd Ramooda
Jagd Yensa

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