Inheritance (継承 [keishou] or 'inheritance' in Japanese) is a way of strengthening units in Final Fantasy Tactics S. This involves consuming one or more units so that the base unit (one that is strengthened) can gain experience points, ability points and limit points.

Experience Points
Experience points are the easiest to gain through inheritance. They level up the unit's base level. No matter which units you pick to consume, your base unit will still get some (unless of course the base unit is already at its max level). However, if you wish to be more efficient, you should pick units of the same job and/or same job and race as the base unit, these will yield more exp.

Ability Points
Ability points can be a little tricky to gain. They level up the unit's ability. Generally you will want to pick units to consume that have the same ability as the base unit, or at least units whose ability is of the same element as the base unit's. If you don't, you risk only getting very slight (1-2%) increase in your ability points no matter how many units you pick to consume.
Note that there are special Evangelist (伝道師 [dendoushi]) units that give extra ability points when consumed for a base unit with an ability of the same element.

Limit Points
Limit points go towards the unit's limit break level, which can increase that unit's max level. They are the hardest to gain out of all the points you can gain through Inheritance. Firstly, to gain limit points you will want to consume units of the same job and race than your base unit. Secondly, be aware that you may end up getting 0% limit points if the unit consumed is C rarity while the base unit is SR rarity. In short, the rarity of the units consumed matters greatly.

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