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Concerning Judges

The history of Judges and the law began several hundred years ago here, in Jylland.

There is a place in Jylland called the Wellspring of Magick, and it is this source of power that feeds the near immortal magickal constructs we call Judges.

While the Judges and their laws hold sway over all Jylland, it is the way of this magick that, for one to benefit from its effects, one must swear an oath to the Judges to uphold their laws.

It is thought this is intended to prevent misuse of the Judges, and is at all times an entirely voluntary oath. Only those who desire its benefits need swear.

As we can see, there is nothing in the structure of laws that cannot be explained by our modern theory of magick.

Origin of the Judges

That the existence of Judges is unique to Jylland can be ascertained by looking at both their role and their roots.

A Judge is a magickal creature - a golem, if you will - made solely for the purpose of forming contracts of law.

The Judges and their laws were first conceived hundreds of years ago, by the court mages of Archduke Beaudonis who then ruled all of western Jylland.

His goals were nothing less than the adjudication of war. With the Judges in direct control of combat, profitless battles could be avoided, and peace preserved.

However, the people of his day rebelled against the strong arm of the Judges' law, until it was decided that the Judges' laws would be upheld and their benefits received only by those who wished to swear the Judge-oath - and so it remains to this day.

Concerning Grimoires

We often hear stories of such-and-such grimoire, but in truth, any and all books of magick can rightly claim the name "grimoire."

Say, for instance, the tome a young mage might consult to learn the intricacies of casting the magick "fire". This, too, is a grimoire.

So we see, grimoires are everywhere. A part of daily life in this Ivalice. So prevalent have they become, we cease to call them by their proper name, and instead treat them much as we might treat a manual for cooking mushrooms, or a book of fanciful illustrations for children.

…Yet there exists a magickal tome to which the name of grimoire still rightfully, nay, unquestionably belongs.

The Ultimate Book of Magick

The ultimate book of magick - The Gran Grimoire.

Who crafted it, and when? This is not known to us. We do not even know if the Gran Grimoire is a single weighty tome, or a roomful of such tomes. Either is equally possible.

According to writings on the Gran Grimoire, he who possesses this book has power enough to shape the very fabric of the world. Yet, with the mere existence of the book now passed into legend, the truth can no longer be known.

Concerning Scions

There are worlds within our world of Ivalice that we cannot touch or know as we know our own bed, home, or town.

The Netherworld, the Empyreal Plain, the World of Illusion…these are together known as otherworlds, unseen by eye; untouched by hand.

The order of creatures known as scions hails from these otherworlds. They are found in many places, in many lands, and they count among their number emissaries of the gods, protector spirits, and even great doers of evil.

Though the otherworlds are not normally accessible from Ivalice, if certain requirements are met, it is possible to give otherworldly power a physical manifestation in our world. This is most commonly seen in the pact made by the summoner who calls down an Esper to fight for them.

From the legend of a great mage in the far eastern realms who sundered a magickal seal, thus receiving a scion as a servant, it would seem that they, too, operate by these same principles.

In Jylland, it has been discovered that the summoning of scions is possible with the use of a particular magickal device. However, it is certain that the power manifested through this means is only an echo of the scion's true power. To evoke the true power of a scion, it would be necessary to harmonize oneself to the scion's being, fusing not only one's purpose with the scion, but one's own body and mind.

The Legend of the Dragons

Listen now to this tale of a time long past.

It so happened that once upon a time, a great horde of creatures descended upon the peaceful people of Jylland.

The creatures sought to make a land for themselves and so they leveled forests, dirtied waters, and took the lives of countless men and animals.

Then, one day, a piercing sound rolled across the land, and a blinding light came down from the heavens above.

The light burned the creatures where they stood, leaving naught but ash behind.

When the sound and light had faded, three great dragons were seen wheeling high in the sky overhead, surveying the land below.

When they saw that none of the creatures remained, off they flew to the Aldanna Range, never to be seen in the skies again.

The people gave thanks to these three dragons, worshipping them as protector spirits sent by the gods themselves.

The Luck-Stick Seller

It's that time of year again! Yes, the old luck-stick seller is making his rounds once more.

He shows up every year in Fluorgis, right around Blackfrost, and then just seems to wander off…

If you catch sight of him, be sure to buy yourself a luck-stick! Never know when you might get another chance!

The Luck-Stick Trader

It's that time of the year again! Yes, the old luck-sticker trader is making her rounds once more.

She shows up every year in Fluorgis, right around Goldsun, and then just seems to wander off…

If you've some luck-sticks knocking around when she comes, be sure to go and see her!

You can swap those things for some really great stuff, you know!

Concerning Luck-Sticks

Did you know that the luck-stick seller who comes in Blackfrost and the luck-stick trader who comes in Goldsun are two different people?

It's true! The one in Blackfrost's an old man, and the one in Goldsun's an old woman!

You'd never know it to look at 'em, though! …Makes a fella wonder how exactly they're related. Not that it's any of my business, mind you.
- —Domis Streetears

Tired of your Title?

An Important Notice from The Wizard D'Tilde:

I'm sure there are some of you out there with titles won through clan trials that you frankly just don't need.

Well, you've come to the right place—that is, you will have come to the right place when you come to see me. I can get rid of those titles so fast, you'll never know you had them!

Of course, you lose the benefits of said titles as well, so give it some thought beforehand.

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