House Ocktor

House Ocktor is an old family in Ivalice on the continent of Jylland. Many physicians have come from the family, and many of those have been very famous and accomplished in their profession.

Below is a collection of notices relating to the family of Ocktor in Grimoire of the Rift. To see the full list of notices, see the Clan Primer page.

The Ocktor Tome of Medicine

House Ocktor has produced physicians for generations now, and their accomplishments in the realm of the curing arts are innumerable.

A collection of their techniques, "The Ocktor Tome of Medicine," has been called the godsbook of the profession, and there have been no lack of aspirants to glory, both principled and unprincipled, who have sought to claim it.

Sadly, those who envied House Ocktor were legion. In time, they drove the family out of the medical profession with tarnished name, and so was the book of arts lost to the knowledge of man.

That is, until Mack Ocktor, twelfth in the House Ocktor line, discovered the book in a hidden passageway beneath the ruins of the Ocktor Manse. The book is currently in his possession, its secrets once again the property of the family that first committed them to paper.

Medicinal Marvel

Thanks so much for the cactus fruit the other day.

The medicine worked, and the boy was brought back from death's doorstep and restored to full health.

Much to my surprise, the boy hailed from a wealthy family, and they were quite generous in showing me their gratitude.

Though this was truly unexpected, I've resolved to make the most of it by traveling to Moorabella, there to refine my skills in magickal medicine.
- Mack Ocktor

Mr. Ocktor Recognized

Mr. Ocktor, having developed countless new medicines and applications, has been recognized by the Ivalice Herbalists Association for his contributions.

Mr. Ocktor has developed tinctures for treating the most intractable ailments, worked in several areas of medicine, and through his innovations, saved many lives.

Rumors have now surfaced that the Rozarrian Imperial League of Physicians, located in the capital, have shown interest in working with Mr. Ocktor in the future.

What's Really Important

I thank you for your watchful eyes and strong arms in Targ Wood. I owe my life to your dutiful protection!

Still, the whole affair came as quite a shock.

I've given this a great deal of thought, and I've decided to put off going to Rozarria, and quit my research laboratory in Moorabella. It's really the only option.
- Mack Ocktor

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