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The airship Highwind has appeared several times in the duration of the series, these being Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy VII

Length: 237 meters
Width: 183 meters (not including propellers)
Height: 33 meters (not including propellers)
Weight: 1,380 tons

Load capacity: 2,150 tons
Maximum speed: 386 knots (at sea-level)
Cruising speed: 173 knots

Climbing engines: four of 16s-Ge formula engines (ascending output 15,200 horsepower. Shin-ra made)
Auxillary climbing engine: two of 3a-type inverted V-type 12-cylinder refined mako engines (ascending output of 1,900 horsepower)
Climbing propellers: 5.5 meters in diameter; 4-speed hydraulic; pitch of 30~80
Propulsion engines: two of designated airship type engines (ascending output of 22,400 horsepower. Shin-ra made and liquid-cooled)
Propulsion propellers: 7.5 meters in diameter; 4-speed electrical; pitch of 30-60 degrees
Estimated crew capacity: 34

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