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Heritor is a job exclusive to Adelle in Grimoire of the Rift.

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This is a collection of notices relating to the job Heritor from the game. To see the full list of notices, see the Clan Primer page.

A Lost Friend

My friend Shoofa is gone…gone from the snowy plain. I must find him. I must.
- Gade

Send Help!

I done got myself hurt in the swamp! I tell you, I thought I knew what pain was when my old chocobo gave up the ghost, but this is something else!

Somebody bring me a potion or something, quick! I hear you Clan [Clan Name] folks do good work, so how's about helping an old feller out?

Now, if you could send a pretty lass to do the job, well, that'd put the frost on my pumpkin.
- Many thanks,
- Wermut

Screaming Beauty?

Dark times are these that such a beautiful lady could find herself surrounded by such horrible monsters in the woods near Moorabella.

I thought to rush to her rescue, of course, but…well, when I came to, I looked around to find myself quite alone.

I do hope nothing has befallen her. Did I mention these are dark times?

The Beast of Aisenfield

A man it was, but with a power no man has ever known. Thus it was despised and reviled.

Losing hope in both foolish men and its own cursed self, it became that which they had dreamt for it: a beast, heartless killer of men, its doom to walk under welkin in Aisenfield for eternity.

- —From "Dielson's Lay"

The Shrine of the Paling Gods

Is it just me, or are there more monsters in Tramdine Fens now than ever before?

The shrine to the Paling Gods there should keep those things at bay, at least during the daylight hours…unless something has befallen the shrine!?

Savior of the Fens

In Tramdine Fens sits a shrine to the Paling Gods, yet in fact it honors not those protector spirits of myth, but a small girl who once lived in a village near the fens. The girl's name was Elpe. Elpe was said to possess wondrous powers with which she mended the ill, and drove off all manner of fell creatures.

Once, a great horde of demons most foul descended upon her village, and so Elpe bestowed her own strength upon three standing pillars of stone, sacrificing herself to keep the demons at bay.

Since that day, the stones have been known as the Shrine of the Paling Gods, and not a day goes by that the descendants1 of those villagers do not bring fresh flowers there in remembrance of their savior.
- —Excerpt from "The Traditions of Ivalice"

Don't Get Lost!

In the dark and distant past, the winding reaches of the Neslowe Passage were once used as a shipping lane for goods going to and from the Clockwork City of Goug.

Countless shafts crisscross the passage depths, yet no map exists that captures their intricacies, and several unknown ways are said to exist.

There are rumors of a great treasure sleeping in one of those darkened corridors, yet many who have gone in search of it have never been seen again. Gallant gold-seekers be warned!

Calamity Cometh

A great calamity comes for the city of Goug.

A terrible creature born here long ago has risen from the flames once again.

If it is not stopped, all of Goug will surely be lost beneath a sea of molten rock.
- The Prophet Hilo

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