Gulgans (グルガン [gulgan] in Japanese) are a race of sightless humanoids in Final Fantasy III. They live in the Gulgan Gulch on the Floating Continent, where they gather around their crystal balls and gaze into the future. The race is known for their prophecies.

Aside from their prophecies, the Gulgans do not display much of their way of life, if they indeed have any besides seeing the future and guiding travelers on their way.

In FF3, the Gulgans welcomed the Warriors of Light and Desch into their Gulch and told them where to find their next destination. One of them also supplied the party with the Toad spell.


While it can be said for certain that Gulgans are human-shaped and -sized in both the NES and DS versions of the game, not so much certainty can be had over their eyes. The NES version shows a red blob where a person's eyes should be, and while the DS version has this red blog be a coloring or painting over the eyes with the eyes themselves closed, it isn't known if they were meant to have two closed eyes originally. It might have been one big red one instead.

The Gulgans all appear to be wearing green robes with red insides. They're all bald.


While it is known that Gulgans make prophecies, only one of said prophecies is actually known. This prophecy can be found on the opening screen (after movie, before touching screen for start menu).

"The earthquake was only the beginning.
The great tremors that swallowed the crystals,
the light of our world, only to spawn monsters
from the depths of the scarred land,
are nothing but harbingers
of what has yet to come.
Something is coming…fathomless, ominous,
and full of sorrow…
But hope is not yet lost.
Four souls will be blessed with light,
and so it shall begin…"

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