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Goblins (ゴブリン [goblin] in Japanese) are a race of diminutive beastmen in quite a few Final Fantasies. Sometimes they feature prominently as a merchant race, other times nothing about them is known aside from them being aggressive like any other monster. This page attempts to gather all information about the goblin race in one place.

A race rather similar to goblins is the moblin race, the two are cousins wherever they appear. There is also the baknamy, who look and behave rather like goblins but are a separate race.

The Unknowns

In most of the FF games where goblins appear, they are of unknown status. This means that they appear as a monster you fight and do not get anything to define them beyond that. All we know is that even in games where they are nothing but a common monster encounter, they usually wear clothes (tending to the greens and browns), which might indicate that they have some level of intelligence. There are also titles such as 'guard', 'captain', 'chieftain' and 'prince' that indicate they may have some form of society.

In most of these games goblins have no relative races (unless you count red caps as separate). However, in Final Fantasy XIII and its sequel there were moblins, munchkins, buccaboos and ganganaghs aside from simply goblins. Of these, moblins have appeared as a beastman race before.

Please see below in the 'enemy' section for further details of the goblin-race enemies.

Final Fantasy XI

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Final Fantasy XIV


Not very much is known about the goblin race in Final Fantasy XIV. They are known to be avid merchants and travelers, going from place to place peddling their wares. They are also known to disappear for years on end at a time before reappearing again from wherever they went.

Goblins appear both as NPC characters and as non-aggressive mobs. Their appearance is very similar to their appearance in FF11, as both wear leather armor, leather masks that cover their entire face, very large backpacks and other things.

Language and Naming

Not much is known about the goblin language, although it doesn't appear to be pronouncable by humans and might consist of hisses and clicks. When talking in the common tongue, goblins simplify it to a large degree.

Only very few goblin names are unknown, some listed below. Names of female goblins end in -ix, male goblins have -ox endings.

Goblin Names
Haughtpox Bloatbelly
Mutamix Bubblypots
Sweetnix Rosycheeks


Most of the time, goblins appear as mere enemies. Below can be found a list of the various goblin mobs.

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