Geostigma is a sickness in Advent Children.

To understand the cause of this sickness, one must first understand its history. During the time of the Final Fantasy VII events, Jenova cells got into the Lifestream. A bit later, as Holy proved to be not enough in stopping Meteor, the Lifestream surged out to help. However, as the tainted Lifestream passed through people, the Jenova cells were transferred into them. Some died immediately, while others only showed symptoms and died of it later.

The symptoms include a black substance oozing out of the infected people's bodies. This is actually an effort by the body to get rid of the Jenova cells, but the substance is capable of contaminating other people with Jenova cells, thus spreading the 'disease'.

Geostigma was cured by a form of liquid Holy by Advent Children's end. Before that, it was always fatal.

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